Project description

1. Project goal (solve what social issue):

Connect those in urgent need with helpers through a community-based emergency support platform.

Thatcando – Helps to get helps

2. Description of the social issue addressed by the project:

In today’s fast-paced society, emergencies and urgent situations can arise unexpectedly, leaving individuals and communities vulnerable and without immediate help. Often, people in need of emergency assistance are left to rely on traditional emergency services, which can be slow to respond or may not be able to provide the specific support required. This can lead to feelings of isolation, helplessness, and frustration. Additionally, people who are willing and able to help may not know where to start or how to offer assistance. This project aims to address these issues by providing a platform that connects those in need with a community of helpers who can offer immediate, targeted assistance.

3. Brief description of the solution provided by the project to address the issue:

Thatcando is a community-based emergency support platform that provides a space for individuals in need of emergency assistance to connect with helpers who can offer immediate, targeted support. Users can submit requests for assistance through the app, indicating their specific needs and urgency. Helpers can then offer support, either by suggesting a price based on the app’s guidance or by offering free assistance. The platform aims to foster a spirit of community support and encourage individuals to help one another, creating a society that is more caring, sharing, and humane.