Filantropus Project Description

Social Purpose Statement

Empowering individual donations destined to worldwide causes, through the biggest Community Fundraising platform of NGOs.


Target Social Issue

The goodwill ecosystem is facing a major challenge due to the insufficient coordination and communication between NGOs and donors, which is resulting in friction that is causing both parties to part ways.

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of transparency in the donation process, which often leads to limited donor flexibility and engagement. As a result, most NGOs nowadays are not accepting one-time donations below a certain amount of money, and donors are not willing to donate as regularly as they used to before. This friction within the goodwill ecosystem generates a very high acquisition cost for NGOs of single-time donors, decreasing their ROI and even making it negative, thus creating a vicious circle of declining amounts of donations. 

This situation is a significant challenge for NGOs as it can lead to a lack of funding, reduced impact, and even closure. Therefore, there is an urgent need for better coordination and communication between NGOs and donors, increased transparency in the donation process, and more flexibility and engagement from donors to break this vicious circle and ensure the sustainability of the goodwill ecosystem.

Social Solution Idea

Filantropus is a revolutionary social solution idea that empowers individuals to make a difference in the world by donating to any cause they feel attached to, all in one place. 

This innovative platform is the first community fundraising platform that will enable NGOs to share concrete causes, required budgets, and sought-after impact for donors to choose from, all in a crowdfunding campaign type. What sets Filantropus apart is the ability for individual donors to select from multiple causes where they want to help with the amount of money they have available at that moment. 

The platform offers a diverse range of payment methods and currencies, including crypto and mobile money, making it accessible to people from all walks of life. Filantropus is a multi-cause platform where donors can donate to any cause that they feel passionate about, with ease. The platform is designed to make fundraising easy and accessible for NGOs and donors alike, creating a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. 

With Filantropus, the power of giving is in the hands of every individual who wants to make a change. Donating has never been easier or more rewarding, and we are excited to see the impact that Filantropus will have on the world.