Family Med Home description

Family Med Home – Family medicine offices system and health care clubs.

Maybe this is the trend? There are several models, the solution is the key to solving a wide range of risk factors.

Perhaps the model of health care that solves the diet and nutrition issues, that will determine 70-80% of the effectiveness. That leads to healthy habits, which will increase exercise, thereby reducing stress, reducing smoking, drinking alcohol and the risks from those things. (Example: Research improves COPD exacerbations, reduces VC through exercise)

At the same time, people are physically and psychologically ready, easily learn and absorb continuous training programs, improve their education, manage their lives, adapt to new situations, improve their incomes, and reduce their distances of rich and poor way, so medical treatment are minimally but more effective, healthy aging, and bring the best quality of life.

Besides, the long-term goal of the start-up is to build a system that connects with medical facilities. So that when people come, they will receive local standard medical care. For example, surgery and treatment may be in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, but convalescence, rehabilitation, and rehabilitation therapy conducted in Da Lat, Sapa, and Tam Dao may be more advantageous.

Even a few specialized, advantageous categories can be operated there.

My friends, doctors, in Ho Chi Minh City all said that if Dr Nam could build a platform in the local area, they could spend their free time there while traveling, practicing, relaxing, and helping with the technology tranfering.