eSocialConnect project description

Social challenge:

In Perú, we have many NGOs that look to help different communities in different aspects: education, health, food, housing and more. The problem is that most of them dissapear after a year because of the lack of resources, leaving these communities unattended. Some of them try to get donations, however they do not count with the requirements (certifications, documentation and licenses) to be able to receive them.

On the other hand, we have an increasing number of companies that are trying to implement new sustainability and social responsible projects, however, they dont know who to donate, how to donate and how to create a real impact that generates a change in the lives of the most needed ones.

Solution idea

We implement a channel to connect companies with NGOs to colaborate in the creation of social projects. The idea is to help the NGOs with the required documentations and team up with them to increase their reach. On the other hand, we team up with companies to help them create social responsability projects according to their core business and we introduce them to the NGOs in order to collaborate, launch projects that involves the workpeople and create an impact in different communities in Perú.

At the end, we will have a strong community of NGO’s that work alongside and multiples their impact.