ConMover: the ‘to-go-platform’ for immigrants when seeking international education pathways and/or verified migration services while supporting refugees-related projects in the fields of environment, education and sports.


Business Model Overview

Immigration for professionals is not an easy endeavour. It takes both a lot of time and money in the process of making a migration pathway to a new country. With our technology at ConMover marketplace and community, we are not only lowering the migration costs linked to lawyers and overall subsequent services but also increasing the transparency of the migration industry with a better provider-client relationship. From:

  • (1) Save time when migrating (it already is a high-demanding endeavour): organising the migrations services vendors for customers to have easy access, including Education pathways, translators, professional skills’ assessment entities, migration lawyers and agents.
  • (2) Affordable services fares without compromising quality: providing vendors with strategic tech for operating at a better scale while reducing operational costs, which will allow more affordable rates for the general immigrant community. eCourses for migration pathways will significantly increase migration consultancy consistency while giving the professional the capacity to focus on the important immigrant features for a successful migration project.
  • (3) Transparency & Accountability: avoiding scams and lack of accountability in the migration industry within the provision of qualified services.

We are immigrants ourselves – including the Australian and USA Migration systems -, and we have been providing consultancy-related services with ACE Australia for the International Students’ community since 2017 with the support of +80 Education Institutions, AUSTRADE and the Department of Home Affairs. We have +150 successful projects counselling immigrants, including Australian and USA systems and their migration services’ vendors.

With technology, we have a proven record of reducing our industry-standard costs, creating more efficient workflows between vendors and immigrants. We deployed technology as a tailored social-engineered solution that innovates the traditional way of doing things.

Our migration services’ vendors will access a set of tools within ConMover membership that will allow them to operate at the same scale as in the present with less time-consuming tasks, immediately. This efficiency can then be invested in scaling up their firms, acquiring more customers or reducing their cost structures, remaining more competitive against other competition.

For our immigrant users pursuing a migration pathway, a one-lifetime membership of AUD$ 50 will mean full access to an organised marketplace of migration services vendors, who are verified and accountable for their performance records, while also having the lowest migration services fees. Immigrants undergo on average 4 to 6 Visa application processes in their lives for a particular migration system. If we consider how the World is becoming a more global place for the qualified immigration workforce, then this number of Visa applications multiplies itself for every change of country.

Team composition

  • Micaela and Maitena: 2 International Relations professionals & Project Managers as Education Counselors and International Education consultancy.
  • Nilda: 1 Certified Translator and English Language Teacher – ongoing International Commerce Student – and Project Manager as Education Counselor and International Education consultancy.
  • Sol: Community Services Technician, Co-Founder of a non-profit and ongoing Social Worker student. Immigrant in Australia.
  • Juan Martin: Industrial Engineer, MBA & Global Project Manager, Business Analyst at IT Consultancy firm. Immigrant in Australia.
  • Melania: Graphic Designer and Executive Coach, Project Manager. Immigrant in the USA.
  • Nicolas: Business Administration, Project Manager, Non-Profit Manager, Qualified Education Counselor in Australia, ongoing Environmental Science Student with academic merit scholarship in Australia. Immigrant in Australia.


Resources & Capabilities, Risk Management & Opportunity for Growth: 

  • We invite you to join us in this video for in-depth analysis understanding of these key areas of our Social Business enterprise.


The best way to lead this social-engineered solution – ConMover – for the migration industry is by leading by example. We are experienced immigrants, and ACE Australia is itself a vendor in the international education sector. As a vendor, ACE Australia has optimised by 30% its cost structure comparatively to other competitors. Our services are 100% free for international students, and we have reduced the cost for our Education partners, which leads to better business relationships and long-term growth. We are the 1st vendor of ConMover – the new way of delivering high-quality migration services at a more affordable price. We have operated since 2017 with:

  • +150 international student projects in Australia. 
  • +80 Education partners in Australia, including Universities and Colleges. 
  • with the Department of Home Affairs
  • AUSTRADE: the official Australian government entity for increasing exports.
  • navigated extremely challenging circumstances with COVID, when Australian borders were closed for almost 2 years. This was the most challenging scenario for the whole migration sector, including international education since internationals could not enter the country.

These are some reviews from our customers and their Visa projects in Australia.

ACE Australia is the building block towards ConMover. Why? Because in many Migration systems, including the Australian one, the 1st step for qualified immigrants is the Student Visa. This market-workflow pattern where countries compete to obtain qualified professionals from overseas to supply their growing economies repeats itself in:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • United Arab Emirates.

Having this into account, we are commencing our ConMover journey with Australia-seeking immigrants, both in their early days as Student Visa holders and on moderate to advanced migration journeys. The immigrant community in Australia is in need of qualified access to migrations services. With our current core business – ACE Australia – and taking leverage of our position with our Education partners, we have designed Edupalooza as the 1st virtual education fair hosting the best Education providers in Australia. This virtual fair will not only boost our core business numbers, but also kickstart the community engagement within ConMover marketplace user acquisition. Each attendee of the Virtual Fair will have access to the ConMover exclusive platform as early adopters. We are creating ConMover community intersecting on ACE Australia’s community. 

Edupalooza in numbers:

  • (1) 26 invited Australian Education Partners hosting their virtual booths: we designed a marketing event that saves them immediate AUD$ 10,000 on marketing budget, plus a 33% off cost structure. 
  • (2) 10,000 registrations for attending the virtual education fair.
  • (3) International Students attending from 20 countries.
  • (4) Free access for international students.

Business-to-Business Support from Australian Education partners. 

Virtual Fair Tech provider official quote: vFairs to ACE Australia. 

ACE Australia has important commercial and State partners that play a massive role in the feasibility of our business units: 

  • +80 Education Partners in Australia, from Universities to TAFE-VET Colleges.
  • +5 Immigration services partners.
  • 1 Translator Partner.
  • AUSTRADE – the Australian Government office that works on increasing exports -.

Round 2

In-house brands:

  • ACE Australia: core business unit for education consultancy projects in Australia.
  • Edupalooza: events business unit for Australian Universities and Colleges innovating their market presence overseas. It is leading the community’s generation for ConMover marketplace while boosting ACE Australia’s core business unit + partner relationship with Australian education sector. 
  • ConMover: the ‘to-go-platform’ for immigrants when seeking international education pathways and/or verified migration services while supporting refugees-related projects in the fields of environment, education and sports.

The intersection between our Products & Services is the key to reducing risks and maximising successful outcomes on each business unit:

As a Team and through Social Business Creation competition, we realised that in order to scale our core business – ACE Australia’s consultancy services for international professionals – into a full marketplace with verified migration services providers, we needed a middle building block that will create the community before the marketplace. We also had other insights from our Universities and Colleges needing new solutions to their market development overseas, with different user experiences both for them as Universities and Colleges and for prospective students that would be interested in their degrees. Due to this, we find a market opportunity on both sides of our stakeholders:

  • Events that will create a community among professionals seeking education and migration pathways in Australia.
  • Events that will solve our Education partners’ pain when accessing international markets, while being budget efficient in the use of their resources.

In this context, we design Edupalooza – a series of events & main event – that is playing its role as a building block from ACE Australia to Edupalooza to ConMover. 

This is the Product & Service Brochure for our Education business partners. A detailed explanation of the product and service, together with the benefits for our stakeholders is provided.

Edupalooza Event Partner Proposal – Bond University

This is the official Version 1.0 Edupalooza Website.

Business Model:


  • Context: with the interconnections between Edupalooza and ACE Australia, ConMover as a marketplace with verified migration services vendors for immigrants to have access to quality and trustworthy services is already being ‘created’. The community is already there for us, and we will continue developing it so as to deploy the marketplace in a larger community of users. Marketplaces in order to work need to host a large number of customers. We already have the vendors’ and suppliers’ users within our commercial partners in ACE Australia.
  • ConMover Business Model: through the verification of migration services, we look forward to charging a small fee to individual users who are willing to access suppliers’ directories organised by category of services according to the Migration pathway stage they are in. On the business-to-business side of the Business model, we will charge a % commission of the services provided – for example, a Migration appointment – to our vendors in exchange for being an important channel of distribution of their services for them. The goal is that migration businesses only have to focus on providing quality migration services and not being worried about how to create awareness of their existence plus show their trustworthy trajectory. These will be done by the ConMover platform. As a platform, if we have a robust number of migration projects going on, the Australian Government might be interested in receiving consultancy from us in terms of professionals’ patterns and in-flux into the country in regard to their Migration Policy Strategy to satisfy the professional skills of the economy with qualified professionals from all over the World.
  • Social Impact Model: within our marketplace, we look forward to investing part of our profit into social impact projects that support refugees’ environmental roots causes, and provide education and sports access to refugees living at refugee camps.
  • Lessons Learn: some Immigration services providers are willing to learn more about how their performance records will be displayed in the marketplace so as to new prospective customers can check their trajectory. We believe that this is the main disruptive point for the migration services providers’ ecosystems, where transparency and record-reviewed by real customers are essential for new customers.
  • Australian Immigration Market Size – Source: Number of Businesses: 4,068. Market Size $814m.
  • USA Immigration Market Size – SourceNumber of Businesses: 13,378. Market Size $ 6m.


Edupalooza: this event’s design is composed of (1) a series of professional talks that lead to (2) a Main event to be hosted in a virtual software platform. Please, refer to the provided brochure to understand the technical specifics of how we create a value proposition for our stakeholders, including customers – Education Partners -, and professional immigrants. By delivering this project, our business model is self-sustain, plus create 2 other streams of commercial impact – into ACE Australia and ConMover. 

  • Edupalooza Business model: we sell professional webinar events as part of the series of events that lead to the main event. At the main event, we sell a brand digital booth for our international education providers to showcase their academic pathways for professional immigrants connecting from different parts of the World. There are Platinium and Gold packages for Universities to choose from according to the type of services they are willing to receive. Please, refer to the Edupalooza Brochure.
  • vFairs Supplier: vFairs is a renowned software supplier for virtual events. We hire them for outsourcing the software and buying wholesale software. and selling it as individual Business registrations.
  • Marketing Budget: each registration we sell has a publicly known percentage of funds to be used in the marketing promotion of the main event where all the immigrants and education providers will gather after the series of professional talks.
  • Social Impact Model: each Education partner will be reducing their carbon footprint due to a more efficient international market presence dynamic. This is explained in the Brochure, where all the time and funds used in flight tickets, hotels, and physical marketing materials are completely replaced by a digital experience, documents and workflow with the prospective professionals willing to pursue education pathways in Australia. Furthermore, we look forward to involving our community participants in social support for environmental projects and education supports projects during the event. For every individual, access to the event will be completely free, thus we will invite people to support education and environment projects that will be sponsored during the event.


Business Model Validation:

ACE Australia – Social media

 Intended contribution to UN goals:

  • Goal 4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
  • Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
  • Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries.
  • Goal 15. Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.
  • Goal 2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. On our Refugees projects’ support. 
  • Goal 3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. On our Refugees projects’ support.

Target social challenge:

We have 2 main social challenges:

  • For professional migration projects taking place around the World, we look forward to bringing transparency and trust to the marketplace between individual consumers and Migration & International education consultancy services providers. In many countries, International Students are the “first-stage immigrants” who decide to pursue degrees overseas, with the goal to stay in that particular country and become Permanent Residents and citizens there. These pathways from the very first stage to the last one involve a series of financial and time investments in Immigration services and projects. We are going to improve the accessibility to these services, from Migrant Agents, Education Agents, and Translators to Skill Assessment services and overseas Degree homologation processes. The focus will be on “trust and accountable” service providers.
  • For refugees as people who were forced to displace themselves from their original locations, we look forward to contributing with our platform and profit to create more awareness of this problem and provide direct funding for projects that address Education within Refugees Camps, local environmental mitigation actions to reduce refugee migration caused by Environmental problems or disasters, and assistance to those affected by Natural Disasters.

Main locations of the project: Australia, Argentina and United States. 

Type of members the team is looking to recruit:Canadian & USA Experts on Migration & International Education consultancy services.

Software development experts.

Refugees problems experts

Type of coaches the team is looking to recruit :Canadian & USA Experts on Migration & International Education consultancy services.

Software development experts

Refugees problems experts

Type of advisors the team is looking to recruit:Canadian & USA Experts on Migration & International Education consultancy services.

Software development experts

Refugees problems experts

Type of sponsors the team is looking to recruit:Software development company.

Virtual Fairs Events Managers



Round 1 – Videos: 

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Round 2 – Videos: 


Round 2 – Business Model ACE Australia

Business Model Round Video