Slogan:Marriage Means Parallel

An app to ensure gender equality and marriage freedom in China

ROUND3: Execution and Scale-up

Social Challenge

Since 2005, parents of unmarried men and women have spontaneously formed a “Marriage Corner” in People’s Park in Shanghai, where parents represent their children to find suitable marriage partners for them. In addition, personal information and ideal matching requirements are displayed on a piece of paper, just like commodities. However, the requirements for women are much stricter compared to those for men. Although the existence of the Marriage Corner satisfies the needs of some people, the following problems still exist:

  1. Low efficiency and low quality of offline dating.
  2. Gender inequality caused by traditional feudal views.
  3. Parents’ constraint intervention in their children’s marriage process due to their dull retirement life.

Social Solution

A high-quality, highly efficient, free-selection online matchmaking application.

Considering these problems, our goal is to conduct on-site research in Shanghai in April to test the following functions:

  1. Differentiating between regular and premium members to arrange the quality of members. Through the option of double selection from both parents and children, we will ensure the quality of members and the freedom of the matchmaking process.
  2. By cooperating with relevant business companies, we will promote the idea of gender equality through embedded content in the application and offline activities.
  3. To enrich parents’ leisure life and shift their excessive attention from their children to themselves, we will cooperate with senior centers to obtain various offline activities while promoting and advertising the app.

Through members’ transparent information and an equal selection system for male and female members using the application, we can provide an efficient and high-quality marriage environment, while ensuring the freedom to select a marriage partner suitable for both parents and children.


ROUND 2:business model innovation

ROUND3:Execution and Scale-up