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Generating Impact through Collaborations and Donations

In our journey to transform lives through comprehensive neurodevelopment, the heart of our project beats with the generous and committed support we receive. Every step we take, every change we achieve is backed by a network of partnerships, donations, and contributions that strengthen us day by day.

Our path is illuminated by inspiring stories, such as those in which we provide private training to companies, households, and organizations. In every corner where we share our knowledge, we not only create learning but also opportunities to make a difference. A clear example is our work with the Mexican Association for Aid to Children in the Fight against Cancer (AMANC), where we provide training to parents dedicated to a greater purpose.

Academic partnerships also propel us forward. The Universidad Popular Autónoma de Veracruz has opened its doors to train its students in first aid while presenting the A.I.R.E. Project. This collaboration nurtures not only young minds but also our dreams and aspirations, receiving an economic donation from this University.

We walk the streets of Jacomulco, where Anthurium Hotel employees not only absorb our knowledge but also offer valuable donations that support our social effort. In each gesture, we see the construction of a community that believes in our purpose.

The Universidad Veracruzana, Faculty of Nursing, Veracruz Region, becomes a beacon of support, providing us with human resources, electromedical equipment, and laboratories to test our products. In the heart of this institution, we find a commitment to excellence and innovation.


We move towards the future, knowing that technology is our strongest ally. The Center for Micro and Nanotechnology of the Universidad Veracruzana lends us its expertise in technological development, prototype construction, and performance testing. Each technological achievement is a step closer to the realization of our dream.

In this journey of collaboration, we encounter extraordinary individuals like Juana Velázquez Rodríguez, founder of the RCP association for nurses, who provided us with scientific resources through scholarships and training for team members, showing genuine interest in our product.

Connections extend even to the governmental and business realms. With COVEICYDET, the Veracruz Council for Scientific Research and Technological Development, we establish an agreement for glove technology. In each negotiation, we see the power of our shared vision.

Human support is a fundamental pillar. Dr. Jaime Martínez Castillo, Director of the Micro and Nanotechnology Research Center (MICRONA), not only provides technological support development but also facilitates prototype manufacturing and performance testing and the development of the A.M.A.R. app.

The dissemination of our mission is key. Claudia Beatriz Enríquez Hernández, Academic Secretary of the Veracruz Region at Universidad Veracruzana, shares our values and provides human resources to spread our message.

Government and the business world intertwine in the figure of Irmin Alvarez, Director of Youth and Entrepreneurship. His commitment to our cause amplifies our reach and leads us to more hearts and minds.

Our gratitude extends to the Organizational Business Council (CONEM) and its legal and technical representative, Jesús Ortiz Yépez, for their invaluable support in human resources.

Every line of this project is woven with transcendent collaborations. Every donation, alliance, and connection propels us to carry our purpose beyond imagination. Together, we are creating a brighter and more promising future for all.