people with disabilities in Vietnam have the opportunity to develop their abilities and deserve to enjoy a better life in society



Backers Partners Why should they make the contribution? What do we offer
back to them?
How they deliver
their contribution?
FINANCIAL BACKER Community Faith in our service’s quality and real action
Share a mutual goal of promoting social equality, diminishing poverty, and protecting the environment
Use the service:
The quality of the service in cleaning, taking care and customing shoes and bag.
Support our campaigns:
Vouchers, recognition in Fanpage and website
– Pay for the service (by cash and on card)
Donate for the campaign by:
– Giving their old shoes directly to our stores and collecting locations.
– Donate money via e-banking
Spread our campaigns and stories via social media channels, word-of-mouth.
Foreign Trade University Their long-term strategy:
as a leading business university in Vietnam, FTU always wants to support their students and entreprises in start-up field.
Direct strategy:
FTU is SBC’s university partner, so they always want to support entreprise to develop their best version
Real social impact:
Practice application, improve the entreprise and spread the social impacts to the young community.
With recruiters, Vietnam and global students, SBC and community
Support finance via e-banking
Deliver the academic courses via EduZone
Improve the entreprise with free 1-1 mentor, coach
Create a community for entreprise creating social impact
Become the bridge toward potential investors, community and partners
Help entreprise branding via their Fanpage and other social platforms
STRATEGIC BACKERS SIB Én Kết nối Build community entreprise creating social impact where start-ups and entreprises can reach others easily. Sharings about developing experience of CleanUp to this community
Support the young start-up to grow up
Support them to celebrate events
Create community to build connections with: partners, investors, target audiences
Give recommendations to develop CleanUp’s business model and social impact activities
Deaf school teachers Have greater income
Create more jobs and spread this opportunities for the deaf community
Good income as a effective training executives
Stable jobs and opportunity to develop their own entreprise in the future (Franchise model)
Train essential skills for the new staff.
Manage the vulnerable staff
Become communication bridge among normal and deaf staff.
MEDIA BACKERS KOL Huy Siêu Phàm Have the same concern about social equality, no poverty and green environment
Strengthen his reputation
Vouchers for using our services
Money for his performance
Branding post in Fanpage, Website and TikTok
Create videos on TikTok introducing about CleanUp and CleanUp’s stories
Support the entreprise by using CleanUp’s services with a large amount and regularity
VNExpress – Have the same concern about social equality, no poverty and green environment
– Build an open community and target audience
Thank you email
Reup their post on our social media channels
Media support with free PR article
Lao Động Newspaper
LOCATION BACKERS Urban Circular Space Have the same concern about social equality, no poverty and green environment
Build community of circular fashion, reduce the impacts of fast fashion and consumerism
Branding and thank you posts in Fanpage
Promise to support them in their campaigns in the future
Free location to collecting old shoes from people in inner Hanoi
Angel’s House