Business Mantra: “Nurturing healthy Vietnamese future generations with comprehensive nutritious meals through an innovative application”

Mission: Nurturing healthy Vietnamese future generations with comprehensive nutrition, raising social awareness about the significance of nutrition parallel with giving a solution to help parents care for and raise their children.

Vision: To become the most trusted nutrition care app in Vietnam, where families can rely on the solutions and services provided by MELIUS.

Core value:

Melius is an innovative social business that provides comprehensive and affordable nutritious meals for children in Vietnam through a cutting-edge app. Our key value proposition is to promote healthy eating habits among children, reduce the rates of malnutrition and overweight, contributing to the United Nations’ goal of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all ages.

Our unique approach and use of technology set us apart from traditional nutrition programs, related to customized menu and AR scanning technology. Through our app, parents can easily access meal plans that are tailored to their children’s age, health condition.

Slogan: Nurture a healthier future.

0/ Our video presentation:

1/ Social media

  • Facebook: Melius Vietnam
  • Engagement for outstanding posts RECAP “Healthy Lifestyle Workshop”

2/ Our services 

  • Melius Application:

The MELIUS application is designed mainly for mothers of 22 – 28 year-olds who are having difficulty in preparing nutritious meals for their children or have a need to improve their knowledge of nutrition. 

With the integration of diverse features, Melius provides a useful solution for parents to take care of their children.

  • Melius Workshop:

The MELIUS initiative arranges workshops, trainings, and provides free online courses to help individuals understand the significance of nutrition.

3/ Economic value and Social value proposition

Melius delivers valuable benefits by offering a full-service application with personalized meal plans, expert nutrition guidance and convenience for hectic parents seeking to provide their children with comprehensive nutrition care, ultimately fostering healthier and happier families.

Melius creates and delivers social values by providing accessible nutrition education, affordable meal options, community engagement, empowering families to make healthier choices, fostering improved nutrition outcomes for children, and positively impacting the broader society’s well-being and development

4/ Key Partners & Key Resources

  • Coach/Mentor

Melius Vietnam is advised by experienced coaches and mentors in the field of entrepreneurship and especially social entrepreneurship. 

  • Organization Chart 

Currently, it can be clearly seen that Melius’ organizational chart includes 29 members from many different fields and universities. They are people with knowledge, experience, and experience in 3 fields including Business, Design, and Technology.

Team leaders of Melius have extensive experience in many fields such as strategy, marketing, finance, research, …


Currently, Melius’ org chart is divided into 7 different departments including Marketing, R&D, Events, HR, Pediatric, Creative Solution, Innovation Hub. 7 departments led by 7 different team leaders with professional experience in that field.

5/ Event (Workshop/ Volunteering activities) 

Workshop Title: “Nutritious Menu for Children” workshop

Workshop Purpose: Through the workshop, Melius wants to raise awareness among participants about the importance of nutrition for children. 

The attendees also gave us positive feedback after joining the “Nutritious Menu for Children” workshop:

  • 97% of audiences satisfied with the workshop’s fee.
  • 100% of participants paid to participate the workshop.
  • 100% of participants interested in workshop topic.

  1. Intellectual Capital
  • Melius’ logo

Melius’ logo is inspired by the image of a pregnant mother with a child in her belly. The shape of an avocado is used to represent the nutritional factor because the amount of nutrients that avocado provides is extremely rich. The surrounding details are minimally stylized to convey the message of a comprehensive nutritional solution that Melius brings.

In terms of color, Melius uses green and yellow bands to give users a feeling of freshness, security, and growth. Besides, orange is used in tandem to increase harmony, warmth, stimulate the feeling of eating, and color balance.

  • Our Intellectual Capital

Our Intellectual Capital was based on human knowledge, content on Fanpage Melius Vietnam, feedback from SBC Conference 2023, Melius Application platforms, and several workshops. 

7/ Manufactured Capital 

Melius Vietnam is supported by partners from many fields.

For example, Greenwich Vietnam has become our venue sponsor and let us use their hall and meeting room for this project freely.

8/ MENTIS App Roadmap 

  • Description

January 2024

  1. App Launch
  2. Promotion

April 2024: 

  1. Expansion 
  2. Collaboration

July 2024: 

  1. Support
  2. Partnership 

October 2024:

  1. Improvement 
  2. Growth 

January 2025:

  1. Monitoring
  2. Receive feedback.

We also provide our working papers and pieces of evidence, including