Business Mantra: “Digital journaling and Metaverse provide mental health solutions to release emotional backlog for young people.”

Mission: MENTIS promotes awareness and understanding of mental health concerns while providing evidence-based therapy and support to those with mental health difficulties.

Vision: MENTIS Vietnam will become a project that envisions a society where mental health is a priority, and everyone has access to mental health care and support by utilizing the most recent scientific developments and cutting-edge technology to help people live better, more fulfilling lives.

Core value:

Compassion: Showing empathy and care for individuals with mental health difficulties.

Accessibility: Ensuring mental health services are available to all, regardless of background or circumstances. 

Excellence: Providing evidence-based therapy, staying updated with scientific developments, and utilizing advanced technology. 

Advocacy: Promoting mental health awareness, challenging stigma, and prioritizing well-being in society.

Slogan: Write more, think less.


0/ Our video presentation:

1/ Social media

  • Facebook: Mentis Vietnam
  • Engagement for outstanding posts:

2/ Our services 

Mentis App:

The MENTIS app was created to provide adolescents aged 16 to 26 with the tools they need to improve their psychological health and understand themselves better. 

We seek to provide each user with a range of genuine experience spaces and functions, as well as personalized, direct interactions, using a mix of digital diary, psychological consultation features, and Metaverse functions.

App Propotype

Moreover, the MENTIS app is just available on Android devices, you can scan the below QR Code to install it. If you have difficulty downloading and using the App. Please read the instructions on the slide to better understanding.

For more information about how to use it, please watch the video below:


Mentis Workshop:

We organize mental health workshops to raise awareness of the importance of mental health care. Participants are from 16 to 26 years old (most are university students or just starting to work in a new environment). The program content includes the dissemination of knowledge about human psychology, followed by experiential activities for participating customers.

3/ Economics and Social value proposition

With a groundbreaking metaverse at its core, Mentis fulfills users’ desires for stress relief and self-discovery by offering an interactive environment with numerous healing activities on our platform.

We also provide an exquisite digital journaling platform where users can chat with an AI bot and also write diaries. Then they can book professional therapy services, which is aiming at meeting users’ need for relaxation and emotional expression.

Mentis provides mental health value and knowledge through the MENTIS app, the content of social platforms, and offline workshops to help Vietnamese youngsters or the young generation as a whole.


4/ Key Partners & Key Resources

  • Coach/Mentor

  • Org chart of Board of directors, members (show off experience/ achievements supporting their roles in the team) 

Our organizational structure and our Human Resource strategy are shown that we’ve got 27 members now with diverse backgrounds and experience in Business, Technology, and Design from 9 different universities in Vietnam. We classify from the board of management level to senior to execution and they play an important role in the formation and development of the project

5/ Event (Workshop/ Volunteering activities) 

Workshop Title: “Dear Myself” Workshop

Workshop Purpose:  The “Dear Myself” workshop will help you discover the secrets of writing and how it can heal our hearts and souls. This workshop will help you to find answers to your inner questions and draw fantasy images in your mind.

The attendees also gave us positive feedback after joining the “Dear Myself” Workshop:

  • 75% of audiences satisfied with the workshop’s fee
  • 83% of audiences were satisfied with the overall workshop
  • 70% of audiences were satisfied about our guest speaker

The audience also gave us 4.6/5 for our staff while joining the event and 4.2/5 for the workshop’s timeline.

6/ Intellectual Capital

Mentis’ logo story representing the diary page and the ear is minimally stylized and integrated with the heart-shaped notation, and using a gradient-arranged purple-pink stripe to give users a futuristic, modern color vibe. In addition, our logo and project’s name have not been registered by any party.

Our Intellectual Capital was based on human knowledge, structural knowledge, and customer knowledge, which are focused on value creation, relationships, innovation, and databases.

7/ Manufactured Capital 

Besides that, we are also supported with non-cash resources, which include promotional support, technical support for app development, and many more.

For example, Greenwich Vietnam has become our venue sponsor and let us use their hall and meeting room for this project.

Link Folder MENTIS’s Stakeholders: Link

Stakeholder endorsements evidences include:

  • Online endorsement evidences folder
  • Offline endorsement evidences folder
  • Crowdfunding evidences folder
  • MENTIS endorsement sheet
  • MENTIS Stakeholder Analysis


8/ MENTIS App Roadmap 

  • Description

July 2023

  1. Complete app demo with listed features
  2. Can install demo version on Android devices.

October 2023: 

  1. Connect key partners for coaching features
  2. Create coaching video for Metaverse sources.

January 2024: 

  1. Officially publish on App store and CH Play
  2. Involve more in-app psychologists

July 2024:

  1. Develop more features as building blocks in Metaverse
  2. Plan to yearly alter the UI 

October 2024:

  1. Widely and globally advertise
  2. Reach out South East Asia countries.