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Proof of presentatiton


First of all. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Doan Yen Khuyen, leader of RECYCLE FABRIC WASTE project.

The project’s slogan is Recycle fabric waste takes action so that the needy can light 

How does Recycle fabric waste create and bring economic value?

The project always appreciates that: “ Quality is the brand’s foundation, the embodiment of prestige and quality is the guarantee for the market.

So what are the economic values of Recycle fabric waste? .

First, pay for their feelings.

Because Eco-carpet  is not only convenient to customers but it also sends the message of “living green” to everyone.  

Second, the customer pays for the quality of the product

The products of the project are handmade, so it  requires meticulous and careful workers to ensure the product is durable and sturdy.

The product is reusable and flexible. We can use a washing machine to clean without fear of unclogging the seams. 

How Recycle fabric waste  creates and delivers social value  ?

The project always appreciates that: “Recycle fabric waste, cultivate a green lifestyle with sincere feelings, create jobs for disadvantaged workers with all your heart, and bring  a great experience to the customer”.

Why do we say that? 

The first, the products are recycled from waste fabrics of the garment industry.This recycling action is one of the implementations of living green by prolonging the life cycle of fabrics and especially. And the pictures below are proof 

The second, the project not only creates more jobs for workers but also helps disadvantaged workers to have more income to cover their lives.

Our projects it planning to expand provin areas and also let people work at home


How Recycle fabric waste captures value?

The project always appreciates that” “ Quality brings benefits, product meaning is trust, creating value for society is a success ”

The source of stable income for the business is the sale of eco-mat products and other products recycled from waste fabrics.

As everyone knows, waste fabric is the raw materials that the project collects from garment companies and other establishments,  and most of it is free to collect. 

All of these are values that the project captures


Potential growth in terms of profit and social impact of Recycle Fabric Waste ?


I witnessed the waste from industries being thrown on the sidewalks carelessly

So, I have carried out the project with the desire to recycle fabric waste  and bring economic benefits to myself. From the time I made the product until now, After realizing the benefits that the project  brought and I want to bring this  to more people.

This helped me conquer the HIU Startup 2022 champion and enter the top 100 Startup Wheel. That is a very strong proof


Human capital of Recycle fabric waste

Currently, the Recycle Fabric Waste project is being managed and developed by myself and 10 other employees. Most of the workers will get a job from me and can work from  home after 10 days training. 

When our project expands, it will support employees in other provinces and cities across the country.   

Social capital of Recycle Fabric Waste

For Recycle Fabric Waste, the employees have accompanied and attached since the early days of product development to bring products to the market. Besides, there are advices from the Advisory Board of HIU STARTUP contest, Business Startup Support Center training courses, words of   encouragement and recognition from teachers and students of the University of Economics and Law. Not only that, I was also interested and searched by Evergreen Labs for the project.. And they are looking for suitable projects for their investment funds.. This is a great honor and demonstration of the social capital that Recycle Fabric Waste has.

The intellectual capital of Recycle Fabric Waste

As introduced, I am a student majoring in International Relations. And I have learned about Globalization issues, about international security, about aspects of International Business, about Communication, Marketing, I have many opportunities to practice soft skills. With such a rich source of knowledge, I applied it to my project and gradually developed it more and more widely. The achievements of the project are proofs of the knowledge capital that Recycle Fabric waste possesses

The manufactured capital of recycle fabric waste


The production capital of the project will include: Cutting machine, sewing machine, weaving machine, sewing workshop.

Most of the project’s equipment has a very long service life. Therefore, the initial investment can be refunded within the first year of selling the product.


The capital to build Recycle Fabric Waste comes from selling products. And has not received any investment capital from individuals or organizations. 


Recycle Fabric Waste products are ready to be on the market?

Products of Recycle Fabric Waste are currently on the Vietnamese market, in terms of materials, form, quality, and price, all of which are strongly supported by consumers. Moreover, the project’s products are ready to be exported to neighboring countries.


The Products of Recycle Fabric Waste have never been unsold or stayed in the inventory for a long time. 

Until now, the order is still increasing and most of the customers have been with us since 4 years

Below is a picture of the product delivery to the customer

The risks and strategies by which recycle fabric waste manages risks

The risks that Recycle Fabric Waste may face is that the market changes trend. No more desire to use handmade products

Capital risk is very difficult because  the project’s raw materials have almost  no cost, so the risk when implements the project is very low. 


Regarding the risk of the market trends, the project always has a plan to convey the positive messages that the project brings to everyone, such as conveying the messages of a green lifestyle to students. , or as building slogans that touch the hearts of consumers.


How I improve the product from my experience

When I participated in the HIU Startup 2022 contest, a judge commented that my products can only be sold to lower- and middle-class families. I think the negative comments I hear will help me learn more to develop the best product. Therefore, the project’s products are now very diverse with more models and prices

The magnitude of target social problem and the size of Recycle fabric waste market

Regarding social issues, the goal of the project is to recycle more and more unused fabric and make this project to become one of the pioneering solutions for the economy of Vietnam and creating more jobs for workers

We planning to put the project on into e-commerce website such as  TikTok shop, tiki, lazada, shoppe

Competition and competitive strategies for Recycle fabric waste


An  alternative to eco-mats is industrial  carpets

The product strength of the Recycle Fabric Waste project is recycling from waste fabric, the price is reasonable, and for industrial products, the market price is quite high. Not only that , when we use machines to produce, human employment opportunities decrease. Therefore, the project always promotes the promotion of the meaning of the product, so that consumers can also contribute their small part to positive things for society and for people.


Opportunity and timing strategy of Recycled Fabric Waste

Within 4 years of developing the project, I understand very well what customers want for the project’s products. Since then, we always try to innovate our products to meet those needs.

As a young person, I have time and my youth. I want to dedicate what I have learned and experienced to do useful work for society.

I think those are the opportunities that I take myself

That’s why the slogan I bring is Recycle fabric Waste takes action so that the needy can light