Are you an F&B business owner?
Want to manage your revenue just through your phone?
Want to know more about your customers, what they like?
Want to save money on your chain stores?
Want to replicate your model but have not found a suitable management solution?
And we are here to help you with that.
So what is Dancesmart?
Dancesmart is an effective chain management system that helps partners manage their stores efficiently with other accompanying services that make work easier. Helping sellers to join the ecosystem Understanding customer consumption, competitive transparency and limiting inventory and dumping of raw materials… Thanks to the 0 dong product coverage, we will have a large amount of data . Generate sustainable revenue based on Big data analyzing your consumption data.
Almost in the mid- and high-end market there are long-standing businesses that have been solving their problems and jumping into this market would be a huge risk for us, a small Startup with small businesses. resources are limited. Therefore, we Dancesmart will cooperate with the big players in the industry to supplement their services by Selling machines. We will divide our products into two main sources: free utility services and subscription-based utility services. Thanks to the rapid replication from the 0 dong product, we will have consumption data to serve as a database from which to add to the subscription package so that we can serve more premium customers but still provide free solution for social and low level customers. to dominate the market in the fastest way with the victory of Big data consumer data. And merchants pay us a corresponding amount every month to use this data source, limit wasted inventory and experience our comprehensive service. But this is also a way for customers to prioritize the choice of Dancesmart and create sustainable revenue in the future.
In parallel with the two main service packages, we also include the service of using this data source at a cost of 100k/month. An estimated 338,600 sellers in the F&B market. With the goal of occupying 1% of the market for using this data source, we have a fixed revenue of more than 300 million per month. The cost structure table as we showed in the last round and the revenue explosion is completely based on the coverage and usage of this Big data.
The cash flow to maintain Dancesmart’s business model and product development currently mainly comes from revenue from the retail business of electronic devices and software services and writing programs from outside, a small part comes from engineering and startup competitions. We are having very good support from the business incubation center and investment funds such as Wiizin and Topam so that we can receive capital whenever we are ready to scaleup, in addition to relationships. Contact from businesses or the trade promotion agency for example will help us access capital more easily.
Previously, Dancesmart’s model was an infectious disease prevention system. But our solutions and products are only temporary solutions to overcome the crisis. Therefore, a business model with more specific goals is needed, we have learned from the experience that it is not possible to feed a startup if there is only one source of income, so we need to diversify to continue research and development. When the market changes immediately, Dancesmart will change direction, we always receive suggestions from mentors to improve the product to keep up with the times, from a robot to the current service model. But changing the market and customer base is also a risk with new challenges like the revenue section we mentioned. The competition for the latter is extremely difficult. In order to reach the market and gain coverage as quickly as possible, we depend a lot on working with the big players in the industry and will they be willing to cooperate with us? And will the government give us permission to collect user information and use it? Those are the most important difficulties and risks we are concerned about. Without cooperation there will be no coverage, without coverage there will be no user data, without user data we will not be able to do anything when an infectious disease occurs and falsifies the target. targets set against the United Nations SDG No. 3 on human health. Therefore, to control this risk, we are forced to link up with the leading enterprises in the industry, and the coverage of 0 dong products is also a solution, and at the same time recommending policies and laws. , persuading the relevant government departments to be able to use the information for public consumption health.
We have completed the machine that retrieves data from the previous covid wave, but to stay on track we have to build more modules from the old product. Now it’s a Complete the form of the website menu platform, manage it, ready to put it into practice, the rest is the bill printer will be completed, we will import the bill printing module from the outside and then connect it directly to the system. Within 2 months, it can be completed and launched into the market. MVP to see if it can help our sellers in order to make ordering easier during peak hours. We have conducted an experiment on a bread cart owner with a frequency of selling several hundred loaves a day and the results have completely satisfied their order needs. And with the information that our competitors have proven, the level of customer acceptance of this market is indisputable. In addition to the explosion of clean consumption that has spread all over the newspapers, I only cite a small part of a typical article.
We have filed an application with the National Office of Intellectual Property to protect our technology from 2021, but seeing that the infectious disease prevention market has changed a lot, we have temporarily stopped to change and supplement the technology. technology for its products. The process of registering intellectual property on trademarks and patents is also urgently prepared and ready when we set up a business.
We currently have 3 locations including an office supported by Topam, a warehouse in Dong Nai and meeting space at University of Technology – VNUHCM. The warehouse is also a personal residence, currently with a usable space of 10m by 60 square meters, still using laboratory-scale equipment such as 3d printers, table drills, some basic mechanical items. , … to be able to carry out single production of the accompanying modules.
To achieve that goal, we, Dancesmart, have gathered a team of experienced personnel in the field of startup and business with the founder who has more than two years in the field of orientation, motivation and entrepreneurship, has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and information technology, wide knowledge of fields and can take up all positions in the absence of any member. We have friend Trinh The Anh who is a student of the talented engineer program of University of Technology – VNU HCMC, a program with the best students in the industry is also an affirmation of expertise and ability. absorb technology trends of the market. We have friend Dang Hung Cuong who is also an expert in technical as well as foreign languages. Along with 2 mentors with extensive experience in business, Mr. Le Nguyen Thuy, director of Viet Y Co., Ltd. and Ms. Hoang Thi Bich Thuy, a lecturer at Hanoi University of Science and Technology with extensive experience in entrepreneurship and technical expertise. And in the future, when launching to the market, we will teamup more members in the financial and marketing positions to perfect our human resources. Dancesmart has perfected its plans, ideas and goals, so it will not be affected when disbanding, but will recruit new members if any positions stop working, ensuring development and reaching the goal. Final.
Dancesmart has been supported by Topam invest in working space and meeting customers in District 2 with a monthly cost of about 10 million VND with the goal of helping technology startups in the start-up phase. There are many other businesses in this period, raised and will invest to make profits in the future and Dancesmart is also one of those promising startups, in addition, we can also use the meeting room in the center. Business Incubation Center at University of Science and Technology – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City in the city center of District 10. At the same time, it is also introduced and exhibited at fairs in Ho Chi Minh City, and also attended the event. about food to update knowledge and market. Recently Dancesmart has also been introduced and nominated for an award. This is also a step to affirm Dancesmart’s position in this developing economy.
Now that the era of lack of food and clothing is over and people start to have a surplus and start to pay more attention to their health, this market will always develop gradually and grow stronger. Health has always been an urgent issue, but now people’s consciousness is paying more and more attention to it. Before, just being full was enough, but now it must be useful for health. Food management, food laws are also becoming stricter. And this is the opportunity.