EMI Project Description

Biotech solutions for better harvest and green earth!

Video presentation:

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Problem statement:

The overuse of pesticides in agriculture has caused serious ecological pollution and negative impacts on global climate, leading to dangerous diseases, particularly cancer, for both producers and consumers of agricultural products. The current situation is alarming as Vietnam has imported and consumed 100,000 tons of pesticides annually since 2015, equivalent to 1.1 kg of pesticides per person per year. The number of biopesticides is lower and unpopular among farmers, leading them to spray pesticides even when there are no signs of pests or diseases, which is an abuse of pesticides from a technical perspective. This situation leads to low-quality agricultural products that reduce value and competitiveness, which is damaging the reputation of Vietnamese agricultural products worldwide.

Proposed solution:

Our solution is building a system to provide simple, effective and cost-saving microbial products based on the theory of EM technology to replace agro-chemicals.

Our farming method is non-chemical farming, using biotechnology to control pests and diseases, increase productivity and quality of agricultural products, and improve environmental managementThrough our interventions, we aim to promote sustainable agriculture, protect the environment while delivering safe and high-quality products to consumers, thereby promoting the brand and position of Vietnamese agricultural products.


In our business model, EMI played the role as a bridge strongly enhancing the linkages among scientists, farmers, and consumers.