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Eco-Roof Sustainable corrugated roofs from glass fiber and mineral wool: protect the environment and increase the level of safety.

Short description of the target social issue (about 100-200 words)

Currently, on the market, there are many models of corrugated iron roofs to serve the needs of social security, to serve the lives of people and factories. But today these corrugated iron roofs are still creating many problems related to the environment and safety when used. The corrugated iron products on the market have an unhealthy impact on the environment that is the greenhouse effect, corrugated iron is a material made from thin steel sheets, so it conducts heat very quickly and causes heat loss. The hot gases around and affect the environment negatively and during use, the temperature and air in the house when households and manufacturers will be very hot, affecting health and life. for families.

Short description of your social solution idea (about 100-200 words).

Offering a sustainable corrugated iron roof solution with fiberglass and mineral wool. The outstanding feature of glass fiber is that it is thin, smooth and light in flame retardant because the nature of glass fiber is composed of flame-retardant properties, the material is non-flammable and does not act as a catalyst. The fire gives the opportunity to flare up. When the high temperature is up to 1000 degrees Celsius, the glass fiber retains 25% of its original properties. Glass fiber also has an extremely high strength because the structure of glass fiber is many different types of glass, so the processing of this material is much stronger than other common materials. and when a storm occurs, glass fiber has very high strength, so it can greatly limit the possibility of tearing corrugated iron and reduce damage to people and property. For mineral wool, this is a material with high heat resistance and heat resistance, if the combination of corrugated iron and glass fiber is combined, the indoor space of residents and factories will still be high, but it will be better with mineral wool. Because glass fiber has low thermal conductivity, it has been partially overcome, so mineral wool will be the final material to solve the problem of too high heat conduction into the internal environment, and cotton Mineral is also a heat-resistant material, the heat and sound insulation is very good. When combining 3 materials together, it will limit the problems that ordinary corrugated iron faces such as: Greenhouse effect, safety in the event of natural disasters.