E-FLYH Project Description

Project objective: to create animal feed products that ensure good nutrition for livestock but ensure the health of consumers of meat from cattle that can use this feed and solve the problem of low cost animal feed. Reduce farming costs so that farmers can make profits and raise confidence

Description: The cost of animal feed is increasing, so the selling price of livestock is lower than the cost of buying food and the cost of raising livestock, so this product helps farmers and breeders to have affordable livestock food. cheap and ensure nutrition for livestock, ensure the health of meat consumers, help farmers make profits when selling livestock and confidently raise livestock, this helps to reduce a small part of difficulties in the economic downturn. recession and high inflation

Solution: Currently, food waste of all kinds in general has a very large rate of waste in Southeast Asia, which, if not consumed and decomposed, will cause heavy pollution to the environment and waste production costs. To find out that food waste, including bread and dry cakes of all kinds that I see can be used as fodder to make a small contribution to maintaining the food supply for us humans, I want to collect the breads. Noodles, dry cakes of all kinds that must be thrown away or are about to expire or are damaged during production, collected from large supermarket systems, retail supermarkets, shops, grocery stores until households through the data app so that the above places can enter data on different types of cakes and dry cakes on it so that I know the number of classifications that produce animal feed and to convince them to agree to provide. If you give me those cakes, I think I will reduce the price of my forage meat products and at the same time let people know and support this forage product. I think this cheap animal feed product will ease the burden on farmers and reduce difficulties for consumers of goods especially with meat being a staple food in our daily lives.