E-Fit Conversion project description


Our purpose : Creating a greener environment by using what we already have instead of creating more.

The environment is in a critical shape and governments everywhere are slowly mobilising to act on it. In Canada, the public transport is a big source of pollution, to try to better the situation, multiple subventions and legislations have appeared in recent years to try to influence companies with bus fleets to change their vehicles for electric ones. However, this creates multiple new problems. The Government of Quebec set an objective of electrifying 60% of the buses in the province for 2030, but by doing so, this means that 60% of the current buses that roll on fuel or diesel become lost and replaced by brand new electric vehicles. Moreover, this is a fatal blow for many garages and mechanics that fall out of a job since all of those buses just disappear from the market to become replaced by the new models.

This is where E-Fit comes into play. Our revolutionary technology allows us to keep the same existing and working vehicles, keep the jobs of the mechanics, and at the same time, create a greener public transport in the country. With the technology we are developing, we will be able to replace the motor and various other parts of diesel-run (or fuel) buses for a brand-new electric engine. By doing so, we are giving a second life to those vehicles which are, most of the time, still in great shape. For the companies doing business with us, it gives a much cheaper alternative for them to electrify their bus fleets for a fraction of the price. They save the headache of having to find a buyer for their many buses, while saving up to 80% of the money they would have had to invest in new vehicles otherwise. This is also great since it stimulates the local economy by creating work for the various mechanics and garages we will have trained and accredited to be able to perform those modifications.


Video presentation : https://youtu.be/agFQj9mUfKA