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The ask and the campaign’s results

Categories of backers Why they should make the contribution What we offer to them in exchange for their contributions How they deliver their contribution
Allied corporations They make their contribution because as partners they share the social purpose and trust in Chaka’s work to carry it forward. 

They seek to position their company as a promoter of social change in their communities and redirect their CSR funds from altruism to employment, enhancing their Sustainability Policy.

Furthermore, they seek a differential experience for their employees, gaining in engagement and teamwork. 

In exchange for their contribution to the incubation, they receive: 

  • Goods and services needed for their operation as a traditional supplier are replaced by the incubated women’s venture. 
  • A strong story to tell in relation to their brand and positioning, with real experiences of transformation in their communities driven by their company. Recurring mentions will be made in events, media, articles and social media. 
  • Team building activities for their collaborators together with the group of women whose entrepreneurship is incubated. 
  • Possibility of tax deductions for their contributions
They provide their contribution through cash donations to Chaka for incubation funding, through available CSR funds. 

In addition, they can contribute with donations in-kind: facilities, tools and raw materials for the project. 

Trainers and mentors (individual and institutional) They choose to donate their time and know-how because they share the vision around equality, sustainable economic growth and women’s empowerment, as well as the bonds of trust with Chaka’s team members. 

They are generally dedicated to the business world, have relevant experiences to share and want their contribution to be meaningful and transformative, something they do not find fulfilled through monetary donation alone. 

Have the opportunity to be part of a life-transforming project for the trained or mentored women, providing them with a sense of individual purpose. 

Incorporate in their CVs and personal storytelling a differential experience. 

Receive public appreciation on Chaka’s social networks.

We decided to create a bank of hours by which each contributor offers a certain amount of training time in their field of expertise and/or mentoring, which will be matched with the incubated projects in which it is required. 

These can be provided in person or online, in direct interaction with the group of women in vulnerable conditions and members of Chaka. 

External advisors and collaborators They decide to give their time and services on an occasional and pro-bono basis to contribute to the development of Chaka and the advancement of its objectives, confident that in this way they contribute to the development of women and their communities. 

They feel comfortable making their contribution sporadically, with a clear objective and anchored in their own daily activities.

As in the previous case, they have the opportunity to contribute to a transformative project. 

They incorporate in their CVs and personal storytelling a professional experience linked to social issues.

They receive public thanks in Chaka’s social networks. 

They deliver their contribution through hours of work, for example in media/web design, accounting and legal advice, metrics development, strategic counseling, etc. 
Individual donors They decide to contribute money for a specific cause linked to one or more life stories or for the general advancement of Chaka’s objectives. 

In general, they are family, friends and colleagues who trust in our work and seek to support it in a simple way and without major dedication of time. They can also be people who find out about the project through the media or social networks and want to contribute because they see a concrete proposal aligned with their values.

Satisfaction of having contributed to transform the lives of women in vulnerable conditions and to the creation of a work culture in Argentina.  They deliver their contribution in cash, through fully transparent online platforms. 
Governments, related NGOs and international institutions They contribute because of the shared goals of women empowerment, sustainable and inclusive growth and employment creation.

They believe in the creation and expansion of an ecosystem of stakeholders working together towards these goals. 

They advance their own causes and reinforce their prestige for their commitment to the community and to women in particular. 

We will publicly thank them in events and in the media. 

They will contribute by sharing their experiences, know-how and lessons learned. 

They can also contribute with monetary grants or focalized formation to Chaka’s members and with donations in-kind, such as facilities for training, computer donations, etc. 


The amount of money raised through our campaigns is: $44,101 CAD

We received the following contributions:

  • Hours for training and mentoring our beneficiaries: $22,323 CAD. 
  • External advising: legal and accounting consulting; social and methodological advising; web, brand and logo design: $20,188 CAD.
  • Governments, related NGOs and international institutions: $1,589 CAD.
  • Expressions of interest from potential allied corporations / clients.
  • Know-how transfer, feedback and networking. 


The amount of money raised through our campaign is:  $507 CAD (+200 DONORS) 

We developed an online campaign to fund the building of a clay oven to set up a catering business and communal kitchen for Graciela, one of our beneficiaries. 


Other information



We developed an online campaign to fund the building of a clay oven to set up a catering business and communal kitchen for Graciela, one of our beneficiaries.


One of our pilot tests was the “Christmas Bags” campaign with a beautiful group of women from La Costanera, Tucumán, Argentina.



We accompanied the first winery managed by indigenous communities in Latin America in the making of this micro-documentary, in order to disseminate its history.






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