Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing


T-Home has implemented his campaign through different mediums that include the direct contact and invitation, digital social media and online platforms.  



Backers Who are they? Why should they contribute? What do we offer in exchange for their contributions? How do they deliver their contribution?
Long -Term Backers

Social Network and Community

They support us by trusting in the quality of our products and the impact of our project in the social and environmental spheres. In addition, they are the ones who are committed to a social cause such as improving the housing infrastructure of human settlements and allowing them to benefit from our business model, as well as the recycling culture that they can lead. We offer more practical, economical, and eco-friendly construction materials that can be used to improve houses and promote more sustainable cities.

We have a discount program for the most loyal customers and ambassadors of T-Home.

They give the firm of support and donate in our campaign in Change.or website 

They make positive commentaries in our social media and share our posts

They volunteer to campaign and visit human settlements

Universidad del pacífico

This private university is one of the best business schools in Peru and has incubators that help develop the idea and business model in a better way.

It constitutes our main support to approach other institutions and potential investors

We help improve the reputation of the university through competition in the SBC and also in other institutions to which we approach on behalf of the university. Support to organize events that help to get new allies and investors.

Monetary donations to our bank accounts

Letters of introduction to support our participation in the SBC competition and publicize our project to obtain support on a larger scale

Strategic Backers

Agroconsult & Servicios Generales E.I.R.L

Private company that, as part of its social responsibility, provides consultancy to help promote businesses We recognize them as one of our main sponsors and we help publicize their brand and the events of their various projects. Advice on brand design, social networks and strategic planning for the business model.

Cash donations in our bank accounts.

Collaboration to participate with our brand in national government competitions.


It works with communities of human settlements, especially with children and their families in vulnerability. They have Comprehensive Care Centers within these communities, where they provide them with food, education, health care, and emotional and family support.

Because the NGO has a close relationship with the communities where we direct our products, they represent an important link to bring us closer to the end users of our project.

We agree with the NGO to provide some type of monetary or non-monetary support to the community with which we are going to work. This is mainly to carry out surveys and test our social business proposal. Advice on how to carry out an activity (surveys, interviews, tests, etc.) in a specific human settlement and district.

Provide volunteers to accompany and support us in the visit to the communities.

They monitor that the entire process of implementing the activity that we want to do in the communities is carried out in the most efficient and safe way possible.

Peru Green Building Council (Peru GBC)

It is an NGO that aims to promote the reduction of carbon emissions in buildings that bring the construction industry closer to a more sustainable and socially responsible way.

GBC Peru is a member of GBC World, an international organization with influence in the sustainable construction market, present in more than one hundred countries.

T-Home will collaborate with the NGO to implement awareness campaigns and create a culture in Peruvian society that promotes the principles of construction and sustainable development. Consulting services to improve and implement the project

Monetary donations in our bank accounts

Promotion of our project to get more investors and sponsors.


It works with a social cause that seeks to improve housing and habitat conditions through the design, management and construction of housing projects, access to basic services and community infrastructure, in joint action between residents and volunteer youth. Our missions and social causes are aligned, so that through our business proposal the NGO can get closer to its main objective. In addition, we will work in collaboration with them, to help promote their projects through our business proposal. Volunteer to lead field activities

Donations of any kind

Provision of information about the reality of the communities to which we address

Huellitas Verdes Community

It is a community that generates spaces to be able to inform and raise awareness about pollution in the city of Lima We offer you to collaborate to publicize your posts and events through our networks and other media. Likewise, we offered ourselves as volunteers to support the execution of their activities. They will give us support to make post designs and network advertising about our business environmental cause.

They will help us raise awareness about recycling and alternative uses of Tetrapak in different media.


Contribution Value
Universidad del Pacífico

$500 (non-monetary)

(They have given us letters to present to the different institutions. Teachers are advising us on campaign strategies and ideas. They are mentors for our project)


$650 (non-monetary) (They have provided us with permits to visit human settlements in Ancon, where we were able to survey families about their economic situation and quality of housing. This information has helped us in generating solutions and will allow us to measure the impact of our project.)
Huellas Verdes

$300 (non-monetary) (We have established an alliance. They will continue to spread awareness posts and spread our project on their networks.)
Agroconsult & Servicios Generales E.I.R.L

$450 (non-monetary)

(They have helped us in the network of contacts, advertising and will provide us with advice on dissemination strategies for the project.)


$1000 (non-monetary)

(A platform has been created on different social networks (Instagram, Facebook and the website) to spread the mission and vision of T-Home Peru. Shortly after its creation, interaction between users has been generated: 146 followers on Instagram, 293 accounts reached, 128 content interactions).




Aimee Soriano                         María Belén Ríos                     Lluvesli Angeles                    María del Pilar Aja

International business students at Universidad del Pacífico                                 PhD student of international security