SBC101 case

Case study – TED Conference


TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design where it is the largest recorded public-speaking presentation to this date. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 and acts as a great communicator in the world of social enterprises. Their goal is to educate and inform the global audience in a easily accessible way, which is what is desired in terms of any role of a communicator in the industry.


Their success lies in their 100% credible data supported speeches where all individuals who speak have their speech supported by data and research. Over 95% of international schools use TED conferences as a source of education in schooling and there are vast amounts of credible figures who spoke in TED conferences.


Studies in TED conferences have shown that high-schoolers who uses TED conferences as one of their media sources have expanded their perspectives and have higher motivation compared to their peers, which are important founding that shows the importance of the role of communicators.


Scientific researchers and experts in certain field often feel limited in their sources of sharing their findings the public, but it is unarguable that TED conferences have provided this platform which allows these important individuals to share their findings and theories with the vast public.


However, existing limitations and considerations we found during research includes the high amount individuals who disregard TED conferences when it is not under an academic setting which contradicts with the original goal of being entertaining. This is due to the comparatively high academic evidence in speeches which crowds out individuals. Another consideration is the lack of academic source proof that shown to the public when presenters present on certain topics.



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