SBC101 case

Q GREEN was established in 2022, a difficult year of economic and market startups, but at the same time, Q GREEN also encountered the common difficulties of many startups. To have money, to promote the product to many people, Q GREEN chooses to compete in many startup competitions. Therefore, in addition to the second prize of the Student Contest with a startup idea organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, Q GREEN also has a series of other awards such as the Quarter Prize – DESIGN THINKING CAMP 2022 contest and participation. Agriculture Startup Competition

Through competitions, many investors approached the founder of the startup and expressed their interest in the product and the ambition that this startup is aiming for.

One of the advantages is that after the competitions, Q GREEN has met and cooperated with partners on raw materials from processing to finished products and also connected with distributors of green products.

As a researcher and trader, Q GREEN knows that technology is always changing and to maintain its position and product superiority in the market, investment in R&D is a must. Therefore, although the startup is still on a tight budget, Q GREEN still focuses on this stage. When working with partners, we clearly emphasize our intention to focus on research and production. When there is feedback from customers, the R&D team will focus on improving the formula. To meet that change and get the best product.”

Essential oils and organic substrates from earthen orange peels after taking water are just the beginning of Q GREEN in the goal of forming an ecosystem of green products to protect people’s health and protect their crops. Q GREEN will build a product system for specific customers. Q GREEN understands that the smaller the goal, the more effective the product and the more it stands in the market. With Make in Vietnam technology, the ingredients are all sourced from Vietnam so that they can be autonomous in the entire production process. To meet that, the R&D team is expanding the research to combine other medicinal herbs.

The project not only applies common and relatively inexpensive medicinal herbs, but brings high efficiency to create a functional food product that both detoxifies and purifies the body, as well as solves various health problems. acne problems, atopic dermatitis or support and strengthen the body’s immune system. The product uses completely available raw materials in Vietnam, all of which are easy to find, easy to grow, easy to harvest herbs that do not require too much effort for care. Therefore, the planting and development of medicinal plants to create a product that supports health not only helps increase income for farmers who grow medicinal herbs, but also limits soil erosion and thickens the ecosystem. forests, helping to diversify and richer in quantity in Vietnamese crops. From there, contributing to the dissemination of useful information and knowledge about the uses of herbal plants, helping researchers to delve deeper into the study of each active ingredient in the plant and create good products, improve people’s health without having to synthesize or import products and foods from abroad. At the same time, the project also contributes to improving people’s understanding of environmental protection, creating a habit of using clean products as well as foods that support health and protect crops.

In the field of Economics:

  • Products are made from easy to find ingredients.
  • Take advantage of available domestic raw materials, reduce product costs, promote and attract foreign investors about Vietnam’s inherent rich source of medicinal herbs.
  • Simple processing, easy preservation is also one of the economic advantages for small and medium enterprises if they intend to cooperate.

In the Social field:

  • Made from materials available around, which can contribute to improving people’s understanding of plants, avoiding false or misleading rumors about their uses.
  • Create a habit of using medicinal herbs to improve health in interested people.
  • Increase people’s awareness about the potential of developing clean raw materials, thereby contributing to the creation of useful products with domestic origin and materials, and diversifying the culture of traditional medicine.

In the field of Environment:

  • Stabilize and enrich forest resources, balance the ecosystem.
  • Planting to supply the market helps to increase land cover and limit erosion.
  • Raise the awareness of exploitation in association with conservation and sustainable development of raw materials.
  • Raw materials are available from rural to urban areas to reduce waste into the environment.

In the field of Learning, Research and Development:

  • Help students see the importance as well as benefits from surrounding materials after being discarded.
  • Testing and determining the correct use of traditional remedies, thereby developing into many easy-to-use and convenient preparations.
  • Find new plants as well as hidden effects of medicinal herbs.
  • Researching and developing new drugs with high experimentality, ensuring safety as well as clearly defining their uses to prevent and treat diseases effectively.
  • Creating synthetic derivatives from nature both reduce costs and ensure the activity to develop new products later.
  • Protect the environment, reduce environmental pollution.
  • Orange essential oil is produced entirely from natural ingredients, the process of processing and packaging products still retains the inherent flavor of oranges, light aroma, sweet taste, no preservatives.
  • The process of research and evaluation of biological activities in essential oils is carried out according to a scientific process led by highly qualified Masters. The results show that the processed medicinal ingredients still retain a high percentage of their medicinal properties and do not appear new compounds that affect health. Thus, customers when using the product can be assured of the quality and effect.
  • Orange fertilizers help improve the environment, reduce waste, create a green living environment, do not cause unpleasant odors.

Q Green is a useful solution for customers who have used many high-priced essential oils before but did not achieve the expected effect.


Customer Segment

People who care about mental health, especially from the age group: 20 – 45 years old

  • – People who love green, clean and organic products for plants.
  • – Those who want to give gifts to friends and relatives

And hopefully in the next few years Q GREEN essential oil will have a certain position in the market for Vietnamese essential oils