SBC103 case



Target Social Issues

The LGBTIQA+ people in VN face a lot of barriers in career development & job accessing, this social business was created to help them remove the barriers.

Understanding customer segments

Products/services portfolios

Sales channels

We recruit a marketing and communication expert who is a lgbtiqa+ influencer to support us in leading the sales/marketing activities.

We deliver our services via different channels, such as community influencers, social media, sales/marketing team, face-to-face meetings, etc.

The economic values

from this business to the lgbtiqa+ people include: clear career development path, development of career skills, more job opportunities, better incomes; and to corporations are good brand, talents & investment attraction, & more market expansion.

The social values

Promoting social inclusion to the lgbtiqa+, gender equality & diversity at workplace; and to contribute to the SDG 4 on quality education, SDG 5 on gender equality, and SDG 8 on decent work & economic growth.

How we capture the values 

  • The values to us are revenue from the services, a successful social business model and support from different stakeholders;
  • The lgbtiqa+ people & corporations are payers for their economic values;
  • Corporations and other stakeholders such as social resources, impact investors, development funds, etc are payers for the social impacts.


Regarding readiness, up to now, we have 8 career skills training courses, 5 courses on soft skills, career coach services, training workshops on gender diversity that are carefully tailored & ready. Especially, at least 5 partners are willing to hire the lgbtiqa+ people from us without discrimination.

We have 4 coaches up to now with great expertise & experience on SBC, business development & sustainable development.

We have 4 advisors on gender diversity, LGBTIQA+, business development and resource mobilisation. With our clear vision, mission & policies, they are committed and willing to support us.

Partners, we have those who are willing to support us in terms of business development, technical support, marketing, community engagement, resource mobilisation, and recruitment.

These are our key trainers. We are in progress of recruiting more trainers with diverse expertise & background.

Besides, we have other networks & partners supporting us, like LGBTIQA+ networks, celebrities & community influencers, incubators & accelerators, Cay Nen ecosystem with 24.000 members with a pool of experts & partners.

These are some key LGBTIQA+ influencers & groups that agreed to support us.


Identifying Future Workforce Needs

Firstly, we analyse human resource needs for our business, develop the job description for each individual position, then we recruit the relevant positions, such as sales, marketing & communications staff; accountant & finance manager; designer; program assistant.

We currently have our great team members with different backgrounds & expertise. All have solid knowledge & understanding of gender diversity & lgbtiqa+ issues.

Talent Management and Development

We are in progress of developing our HR policy & regulations.

Employee Engagement and Retention

Social Impact Projects: We provide employees with opportunities to engage in social impact initiatives beyond their daily roles by involving them in supporting community initiatives such as Rainbow Campaign 01, and Sunflower Campaign 01 to support job placement for 60 lgbtiqa+ and disabled people in difficult circumstances.

Learning and Skill Enhancement

Continuous Learning Initiatives: We developed a policy on regular development of staff’s capacities. We provide access to learning resources, such as online courses, webinars, and workshops both internally and externally, to enable employees to continuously enhance their knowledge and skills. For instance, up to 5 August 2023, 5 training courses and workshops on public speaking, MC, gender diversity, career orientation, and marketing have been organised.

Performance Management

●      Performance Feedback and Coaching: We develop a reporting culture in our company that encourages all employees to have regular feedback, and monthly KPI report mechanism.

●    Bottom-up management: we manage the personnel on result-based & bottom-up manners. Every staff is empowered and encouraged to lead their own assigned tasks.

●      Performance-Based Incentives: We have a rewards policy for employees for achieving specific goals or targets. For instance, every staff member will receive bonuses based on meeting or exceeding sales targets, providing motivation and aligning individual efforts with organisational objectives.

Workforce Agility

●      Flexibility in Work Arrangements: We offer flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options, flexible hours, or compressed workweeks. This accommodates employees’ diverse needs and preferences while maintaining productivity.

●      Skills Mapping and Utilisation: Upon recruitment, we assess employees’ skills and competencies regularly and align them with project requirements or evolving organisational needs. This ensures that employees are assigned tasks that leverage their strengths and expertise effectively.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

●      Communities of Practice: We foster communities of practice within the organisation, where employees can share insights, best practices, and lessons learned related to social impact work through regular meetings.

●      Interdepartmental Collaboration: We encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing across different departments to leverage diverse perspectives and expertise. For example, we encourage collaboration between the communication and program teams to ensure effective communication of social impact initiatives and maximise their reach.

=> By implementing effective HR mobilisation strategies, we can optimise our human resources to meet current and future business needs.

How we are inspiring our team

●      Transparency: We are open and transparent in our communication with the team. We share information about social impact initiatives, progress, and challenges. We regularly hold team meetings where we openly discuss the impact the organisation is making, address concerns, and encourage open dialogue.

●      We align the Personal Values with the Social Mission by helping team members connect their personal values with the organisation’s social mission. We encourage open discussions about personal motivations and the social issues that resonate with team members.

●      Beneficiary Engagement: We create opportunities for team members to directly engage with the beneficiaries of the organisation’s social initiatives by integrating them with the beneficiaries in our training courses and events. Besides, we engage lgbtiqa+ people in our team and empowered them. These experiences allow team members to witness the impact firsthand and strengthen their connection to the organisation’s social purpose.

●      We trust in their expertise: We demonstrate trust in the expertise and capabilities of team members. We encourage them to contribute their unique skills and perspectives to social impact initiatives. Provide platforms for team members to share their ideas and take the lead in implementing solutions to address social issues.


  • HR strategy: we have an HR strategy by 2024 to recruit 15 full-time members for different function departments to scale up our business.
  • Strategy by 2025: we target to reach 100 corporate customers; 5000 lgbtiqa+ people are our beneficiaries, 200 lgbtiqa+ have their career skills developed and ready for job placement, with a focus to have 100 job placements.
  • Future Strategy

An ecosystem of different stakeholders is developed and willing to support the LGBTIQA+ community.

  • A community of LGBTIQA+ is built for use of the services;
  • The LGBTIQA+ hold the leading positions in the business
  • A strong LGBTIQA+ team is strengthened capacity & committed to run the business
  • Diversified training programs for LGBTIQA+ are developed
  • A cohort of LGBTIQA+ influencers are on board
  • A cohort of trainers with great expertise & knowledge on LGBTIQA+ issues are on board
  • A network of impact investors + development funds is built and developed
  • A network of corporations/companies are on board

A network of stakeholders working for LGBTIQA+ can collaborate to implement the same mission