SBC102 case

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle!

After more than two years of entrepreneurial experience, I gave a course on LinkedIn about “How to Survive as a Social Entrepreneur” in August 2022. Surprisingly, the majority of my contacts attended the class, despite the fact that I did not expect them to even know the term “social entrepreneur.”

At the start of the course, I inquired about their background and discovered that, while they were well-educated in entrepreneurship, they appeared to lack practical knowledge.

Another set of them aspired to become entrepreneurs but came to the class to learn what the worst-case scenario was and what they could do in that situation! to then finalize their decisions and officially become entrepreneurs. I’m glad I asked them the second question about their expectations of the workshop, which were primarily around “how to make more money,” “how to team up,” “how to be consistent while we have challenges,” “how to manage stakeholder groups,” and so on. I was able to approach the subject from eight different perspectives:

  • Beginning challenges
  • Motivational Challenges
  • Strategic Challenges
  • Marketing Challenges
  • Monetary Challenges
  • Funding Challenges
  • Team up Challenges
  • Personal Challenges

They admitted at the end of the course that the information felt real and honest to them, and that they felt realistic about their entrepreneurial decision.

While they were joyously departing the workhop one by one, I was carefully thinking about what had happened so that I could actually provide the content to them that made so much sense for them, even though I was on a backward road from them, coming from practice to knowledge in entrepreneurship.

The answer was “Entrepreneurial Mindset”. Yes, I believe I had an entrepreneurial mindset. And I believe it was something even further, “Entrepreneurial Lifestyle.” Actually, I was living the life of an entrepreneur, not just in my head and thinking, but also in my day-to-day activities. That’s why it made so much sense, was so genuine, and truly worked.

I talked about my entrepreneurial lifestyle in an interview some months ago, which is truly proof of how, in my day-to-day life, I try to be an entrepreneur. and this podcast turned out to be so inspiring.

Living an entrepreneurial lifestyle means being resilient, consistent, agile, adaptable, flexible, an innovator, creative, collaborative, a lifelong learner, an opportunity seeker, to be an entrepreneur!