SBC102 case

Today’s urgent issues affecting people and the environment are occurring both locally and globally, necessitating swift action from many parties, including governments, corporations, and citizens. Businesses can become more socially conscious through the Social Business Creation 2023 competition. The usual business paradigm shouldn’t exist since it won’t help rescue the globe, despite the need to address the problems facing the planet. Using the lesson “Value Proposition” that BlockTree learnt from the SBC102: “Principles of Business Model Innovation” course as a foundation, this paper aims to demonstrate how BlockTree creates social value propositions to our beneficiaries.

As mentioned in the lesson, a value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged. It is also a belief from the customer of how value (benefits) will be delivered and experienced. Your value proposition is at the intersection where the value you offer meets your customer’s needs. The value proposition is a central component of a business model that outlines the unique value a company offers to its customers. It describes the benefits and advantages customers can expect to receive from a product or service. represents the reason why customers should choose a particular product or service over alternatives in the market.

A compelling value proposition typically includes the following elements:

1. Product or Service Features: 

It highlights the specific attributes, functionalities, or characteristics of the offering that provide value to customers.

BlockTree sets its eyes on addressing the problem of deforestation and the impact of climate change by providing a transparent afforestation solution. This is the white space that blockchain-based initiatives can tap into. Blockchain technology can help to standardize the process of afforestation by providing a transparent, verifiable, and standardized system for recording and tracking the entire process from planting to maturity. As a result, it can turn afforestation into a mainstream business or an industry. That is the reason why we started BlockTree. We strongly believe that the innovative use of blockchain technology and NFTs can fill that void in afforestation projects. 

BlockTree is a social enterprise focused on using blockchain technology to address the issue of reforestation. BlockTree aims to create a reliable and transparent system for monitoring and managing reforestation efforts, using blockchain and NFTs to build trust and accountability among stakeholders.  

BlockTree envisions a sustainable future, in which afforestation is promoted in a transparent and trustworthy way through the use of blockchain technology. Our short-term goal is to green the Earth by “NFT-ing 1 million forest trees by 2025”. Our aspiration is to reduce the impact of climate change and protect our planet for future generations. 

To achieve this vision, BlockTree’s mission is to connect Planters and Sponsors by providing a comprehensive toolkit that includes data collection at the planting site, resource optimization, and real-time transmission of data.

BlockTree Introduction

We do that through 3 steps:

Step 1. BlockTree connects Sponsors and Tree Planters, and carries out verification work at the planned planting locations.

Step 2. Tree Planters use BlockTree’s app to collect data at the planting locations and update information about the growth of the trees. This data is then uploaded onto the Blockchain network to create NFTs.

Step 3. NFTs are stored and distributed to relevant wallet addresses.  

2. Customer Benefits: 

It clearly communicates the benefits customers will experience by using the product or service, such as cost savings, convenience, improved performance, time savings, or enhanced quality.

BlockTree’s target beneficiaries are Sponsors – Brands and Planters. Our customers are solving these current problems :

  • Brands do not have dedicated resources available to plan and execute afforestation

  • There is no reliable way to track and monitor the progress of afforestation

  • It is difficult to verify reports and data due to lack of standards

  • It is not easy to illustrate and quantify the impact created by afforestation

  • Lack of participation of local communities leads to destruction of planted forests

 With BlockTree, our customers will experience by using our service with our social value proposition, we could solve these problems:

Sponsors – Brands’ Needs:

  • Have a methodical and effective CSR/ESG strategy

  • Have a reliable afforestation partner

  • Get reliable reports and documents

  • Be updated on time and transparent about the progress of afforestation

  • See and tell about the positive, sustainable impact it has made on its customers

– Planters’ Needs:

  • Get sponsorship from Brands

  • Trusted by their afforestation work

  • Have an effective way to plan and manage reforestation projects

  • Have a standardized method to collect data, improve transparency in post-project reporting

  • Have local communities participate in forest care and protection

3. Differentiation: 

It highlights what sets the product or service apart from competitors, emphasizing unique features, advantages, or positioning in the market.

Our Unique Value Proposition lies in our pioneer in Asia to use blockchain technology and NFTs to verify and transmit real-time data, our focus on Asia as a key area for afforestation efforts, and our emphasis on collaborative partnerships to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all. BlockTree creates a transparent and incentivized system that could have long-term impacts on both the environment and the communities involved in the project.

– Creating transparency and accountability: BlockTree helps to ensure that sponsor funds are used for their intended purpose and that the project is meeting its goals, so that it builds trust and support among the community of tree planters and sponsors.

– Incentivizing participation: By using blockchain technology and NFTs to represent ownership rights of the planted trees, BlockTree creates a system that incentivizes participation from both tree planters and sponsors. Tree planters are rewarded for their efforts, while sponsors can track the progress of the planting process and ensure their funds are being used effectively. BlockTree also provides a comprehensive toolkit from collecting data at the planting site to optimizing resources and transmitting data directly to our Partners in real time.

– Fostering community engagement: help to create a sense of ownership and responsibility among the community of tree planters and sponsors, which could further incentivize participation and support for the project. This sense of community could also help to build momentum and support for the project over the long term.

– Cardano blockchain : chosen by BlockTree to store data due to its bespoke design based on peer-reviewed research, high security and the greatest scale capability in comparison to other chains on market.

4. Value Delivery: 

It explains how the product or service delivers the promised value to customers, whether through innovative technology, superior customer service, efficient processes, or other means.

BlockTree generates huge values for our customers. BlockTree brings a technology solution that helps create reliable, quantifiable and sustainable impacts for Brands.

  • Brands have proven partners to collaborate on sustainability projects from planning to implementation and reporting. (end2end)

  • Brands can actively monitor and monitor with real-time transparency.

  • Brands have a unique and trusted way to share the impact they make, powered by cutting-edge technology.

  • The impacts are sustained and developed with the participation of indigenous communities.

  • After all, Brands attract and build customer loyalty through their Sustainability efforts.

5. Emotional Appeal: 

It addresses customers’ emotional needs or desires, aiming to create a connection, build trust, or evoke positive feelings.

When exploring the social issue of reforestation, we were shocked to learn about the widespread lack of transparency and accountability in traditional reforestation efforts, which can make individuals and organizations hesitant to contribute to afforestation efforts. Since then, we recognized customers’ emotional needs for a creation to connect and build trust –  a more reliable system for monitoring and managing these efforts, and the use of blockchain technology and NFTs just fell into place. 

After months of developing our product, we were finally able to bring our idea to life. Being a part of BlockTree has provided us with a more nuanced understanding of the challenges involved in reforestation efforts, and the innovative approach to better address these challenges.

In order to address this, we are focusing on creating more awareness and involvement among individuals, and organizations throughout Asia to participate in reforestation efforts as planters or sponsors in BlockTree.

The journey to plant trees of BlockTree – Results in Fund 8 Catalyst

In our course, we also learned about prototyping. Prototyping is the act of building a product or service in a simpler, unpolished form. It is very valuable because it allows any entrepreneur to test, using less resources, key assumptions about the solution (fabrication, functionalities, user’s behaviors and impressions, etc.). Prototyping gets ideas out of your head and into the world. A prototype can be anything that takes a physical form—a wall of post-its, a role-playing activity, an object. In early stages, keep prototypes inexpensive and low resolution to learn quickly and explore possibilities. 

This is a video of our Prototype for BlockTree’s Mobile App product. With this product, planters can easily manipulate to collect the necessary information for afforestation. These data are the basis for BlockTree to form an NFT to certify the planting and send it back to the sponsors later.

Prototype : BlockTree Mobile App Demo

In conclusion, BlockTree is reflecting on the three key elements in the success factors that come into play to build a successful business. We are concentrating on increasing awareness and participation among people and organizations throughout Asia to join in forestry initiatives as planters or sponsors in BlockTree in order to solve the problem. Without your support, we will not be able to fulfill our vision of planting one million trees throughout Asia. For ourselves and the generations to come, we will work together to make the earth more sustainable and green.