SBC101 case

The Power of Authenticity and Connection in Building a Community: A Case Study of MamaNest’s Mom Talks

For more than 30 weeks, I held weekly live sessions for MamaNest. without justification! in both Persian and English. means double the effort! “Mom Talk” is what we call them. It was only 15′ sessions. Short and sweet!

What were we talking about? Anything about motherhood challenges Some topics touched their hearts because they were so real and authentic, coming straight from the mouth of a new mom, while others were just convincing enough to make them believe them even if they had not experienced them themselves. They named it “a safe space full of love and commitment” around week 20. They called it! I didn’t!



People who knew me used to tell me, “You’re so dedicated to these weekly talks, but excuse me!” How do you get out of them all!? and they were correct! I only promised to show up, connect, and be myself.

The magic happened right in the middle of all these sessions, thanks to our genuine connection and my open communication about MamaNest’s intention and mission. even when not explicitly stated!

During this time, I launched two services: the “MamaSpeak English Academy,” which launched around the 15th week, and the MamaTech Academy, which launched around the 25th week. Is it normal that a kind invitation at the end of a live session results in nearly 70% purchase of the service we offered?! I’d call it a success! True success.


It wasn’t until I read Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” that I discovered the Golden Circle. The mystery is solved! They were interested in my “Why“! not my “What“!

The Golden Circle, from « Start With Why » book by Simon Sinek.


Where are the people who warned me not to be so dedicated? Is there a more effective marketing mechanism than being authentic, real, and transparent in communication with your audience? Then please introduce it to me!