Project description

CalmCorner – Together protect and heal the inner wound, where the spirit is relaxed and comforted. 

Social issues

According to Tap Chi Tam Ly Hoc (2023), depression in Vietnam tends to increase in recent years, but the treatment for depression is still very limited. According to the latest statistics in Vietnam, at least 1 in 5 people suffers from a mental disorder (depression, anxiety disorder, emotional disorder, etc.). However, only about 20% of them are treated. These diseases are increasingly following the trend of youth. If in the past, depression was often known in postpartum women and the elderly, now depression can happen to anyone. Especially depression in adolescents aged 14-29 is at an alarming rate.

The cause of the status quo is due to excessive expectations from internal factors (such as the need for recognition and respect), and external factors (family, study, work, and relationships) cause depression in the GenZ generation to increase. Mrs.Phuong (2021), founder and CEO of YES Academy, said that GenZ was under a lot of pressure for personal success. They wanted to be recognized by everyone, to be able to recognize their abilities, maybe about physical beauty. GenZ has a desire and wants to speak up but is ignored. Consequently, they shrink into their shell, and that is the first step to depression.

Solution Idea

Many people with mental health problems often have negative thoughts, are anxious to tell their loved ones, and have trouble finding support and mental health care. That’s why we’ve developed a healing service solution that improves psychological well-being and increases resilience to life’s stresses.

The CalmCorner project, which we’re going to do, offers a range of features in both its web-based and mobile-based applications. These features include direct counseling from psychological experts, providing information about psychological health, creating group chat forums for users to share experiences and solve problems together, a chatbot that messages users daily to gather information about their day and other questions aimed at exploring their mental health, additionally, CalmCorner also provides entertainment and relaxation options such videos, and soothing sounds.

The main goal of the project is to improve the psychological well-being of users by providing resources and counseling to promote mental health. Our solutions are geared towards good health and well-being. We aim to create a “CalmCorner” a place to heal psychological wounds, to embrace them.