Social purpose statement

Transforming science education, empowering students for a sustainable future.

Social Challenge:

The education sector in Peru is facing a critical challenge that urgently requires our attention. The lack of support from the learning community is a significant problem that must be addressed, as highlighted by a study conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2018. Shockingly, the study found that 62.2% of parents of students in basic education did not participate in school activities in the last year, indicating a concerning lack of interest in their children’s education.

Moreover, student demotivation is an issue that is deeply concerning. In 2018, The Censal Evaluation of Students report by the Ministry of Education revealed that a staggering 60.7% of secondary school students felt unmotivated in their studies, which can lead to poor academic performance and a lack of interest in education. The report also showed that 48.3% of private secondary school students failed to reach expected levels in science, indicating a significant decline in academic performance.

Adding to this issue is the lack of financial resources. The 2019 Education Monitoring Report in Peru shows that 70% of rural schools lack scientific laboratories, and 41% of urban schools also do not have these facilities. This lack of access to essential resources further compounds the problems already faced by students and educators.

That is why YAKU LAB was created. With its gamified and educational approach, YAKU-LAB is changing the way science and the environment are taught and learned, offering an innovative and effective learning experience to overcome these challenges.


Solution Idea:

YAKU LAB is a leading educational tool in science and technology that combines cutting-edge technology and innovative pedagogical strategies to redefine the future of learning. YAKU-LAB offers a cloud-based academic management solution that allows for efficient resource management and informed decision-making for educators and school administrators. With personalized learning experiences and real-time feedback, educators can reduce administrative workload related to managing tasks, projects, evaluations, and grades. The gamification of learning with YAKU-LAB improves student motivation and fosters important skills like teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking, preparing them for real-world challenges. YAKU LAB also utilizes a homemade microscope as a complement to generate a more practical and meaningful learning experience, allowing students to explore and observe various samples and organisms in detail, enhancing their understanding of scientific concepts.

Contribution to UN goals:

Goal #4:

YAKU-LAB contributes to Quality Education by providing an innovative and effective learning experience that improves science and environmental education in Peru. Through its gamified and educational approach, YAKU-LAB helps students develop the critical skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible global citizens who can contribute to sustainable development.

Goal #10:

YAKU-LAB contributes to Reduced Inequalities by promoting equal access to quality education in science and environment for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background or geographic location. By providing innovative and gamified educational experiences, YAKU-LAB helps to bridge the gap between students in urban and rural areas, ensuring that all students have access to the same resources and opportunities for learning. This helps to create a more equitable education system and promotes social mobility for all.