The Answer To Food Safety Concerns, Harvesting Fresh Products From The Farm

Anfarm means that we want to bring out the Answer to response for people’s concerns, especially in food safety in today’s society, and we solve that puzzle right from the farm where all the roots began 


Anfarm is a green agriculture project, with a mission to address the prevalent issue of rampant contaminated food in the market. Our goal is to provide agricultural produce combos for individuals seeking both convenience and guaranteed food safety. We are committed to offering a range of agricultural products that meet high standards of hygiene and safety. By focusing on sustainable farming practices and implementing rigorous quality control measures, we ensure that our customers have access to fresh and nutritious produce that can be enjoyed without compromising on their health. Our vision is to create a reliable and convenient source of clean agricultural products, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable food ecosystem.



Food Safety Concerns

One of the major problems is food safety concerns. The use of chemicals in agriculture is a global environmental and human rights issue. Many farmers resort to chemical substances without acknowledging the limitation and the safety of pesticides in order to maximize the profit.

Mental Health/ Social Isolation

The second problem in public health is mental health and social isolation. The pandemic has caused an increase in suicide and mental illness globally, with figures suggesting a 25% increase worldwide in anxiety and depression, especially in social isolation.

Lack of information

The third problem in public health is the lack of information. Vietnamese consumers struggle to find credible sources of healthy and safe foods due to a lack of trust in quality control. A study found that over 50% of organic food samples tested at supermarkets in Hanoi did not meet organic standards.


Anfarm makes a difference by creating a holistic business model, utilizing modern technology, and veterans as a labor source to solve pressing social issues. Anfarm team has clearly identified its business model as a Social Bricoleur. Anfarm has implemented four innovative solutions to address social issues:

Phase 1: We create software and digital farming diary called Anicon to make transparent the source of input materials for production  – [SDG 12]

Realizing that many customers have difficulty checking food quality, Anfarm develops a farming diary application. This app was designed to help producers maintain crop reports and connect with other organic businesses natiơnide. The application also allows consumers to track product origin, view crop reports, and find product information to make informed purchasing decisions.

Phase 2: Provide health measurement test and nutrition combos tailored to users – [SDG 2]

In order to support customers to find and buy clean food of clear origin, Anfarm designed a nutrition test on the website to help users determine their health status and eating habits, thereby, providing personalized healthy product combos.

Phase 3: Farm visit experience to improve mental health – [SDG 3]

SBC courses motivated the Anfarm team to explore our potential using our existing resources. Based on a system of 3 farms, Anfarm creates a farm visit experience package for customers, especially families. The tour helps customers rest, relax, improve their physical and mental health, and increase their understanding of organic farming and how to buy and choose quality.


  • Social values
  1. Health and Well-being: ANFARM places a strong emphasis on promoting the health and well-being of individuals and families through our clean and nutritious food combos. By providing access to safe and healthy food options, ANFARM contributes to improved overall health and supports individuals in making informed dietary choices. ANFARM conducts workshops and mini-talk shows on nutrition and healthy eating habits, educating the community about the importance of a balanced diet and the impact of food choices on overall well-being.
  2. Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Responsibility: ANFARM is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture practices and minimizing the negative impact on the environment. We collaborate with local farmers and organic farms to promote responsible farming methods that preserve soil quality, conserve water resources, and protect biodiversity. ANFARM organizes farm visits where participants learn about organic farming techniques, composting, and water-saving practices. We demonstrate how sustainable agriculture can protect the environment and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.
  3. Community Development and Empowerment: ANFARM actively engages with local communities with the aim of making a positive impact on our development. We create employment opportunities in sustainable agriculture, improve the livelihoods of farmers, and foster a sense of community connection and trust. ANFARM collaborates with local women’s cooperatives, empowering women farmers by providing training, resources, and fair market opportunities. This initiative helps improve gender equality, economic empowerment, and overall community development.
  4. Education and Awareness: ANFARM recognizes the importance of education and awareness in influencing positive change. We conduct educational activities, workshops, and content campaigns to raise awareness about nutrition, food safety, and the benefits of sustainable agriculture. ANFARM partners with schools and educational institutions to organize educational programs for students, teaching them about the importance of healthy eating and the impact of food choices on individual and community health.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: ANFARM believes in the power of collaboration and partnerships to create a broader impact. We actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations, government agencies, and farmers’ associations to exchange knowledge, resources, and expertise. ANFARM collaborates with local government agencies and agricultural research centers to promote sustainable agriculture policies and practices. We actively participate in regional conferences and forums to share our experiences and contribute to the development of the agricultural sector. 

=> These social values reflect ANFARM’s commitment to promoting health, sustainable agriculture, community development, education, and collaboration. By aligning its operations with these values, ANFARM strives to create a positive and lasting impact on individuals, communities, and the environment.

During the first 6 months of 2023, ANFARM successfully delivered 223 monthly combos and 550 daily combos along with various seasonal vegetables and fruits, providing a total of 8 tons of fresh, organic green vegetables and 5.6 tons of clean, organic fruits to households in Hanoi. Additionally, ANFARM also organized 4 farm experiences. 

  • Economic Values
  1. Economic Growth and Job Creation: ANFARM contributes to the local economy by creating job opportunities in sustainable agriculture. Through our partnerships with local farmers and farm visits, we support income generation for farmers and their families, ultimately enhancing the economic well-being of communities. Our labor force is mostly 25 – 45 years old, and we prioritize women. At the current scale, we have directly provided employment for 20 women in rural areas and indirectly created 100 jobs within our satellite farm network, with an average income of 7,000,000 VND per month. 
  2. Value Chain Development: ANFARM collaborates with reputable producers and suppliers to source high-quality agricultural products for our food combos. By linking with reliable partners in the value chain, ANFARM contributes to the growth and development of the agricultural sector, fostering economic stability and sustainability.
  3. Market Expansion and Competitiveness: ANFARM’s focus on providing clean and nutritious food combos offers a unique value proposition in the market. By catering to the growing demand for healthy and safe food options, ANFARM expands the market for clean produce and drives competition in the industry.
  4. Innovation and Technological Advancement: ANFARM utilizes technology to improve our operations and enhance our offerings. We leverage online platforms for personalized food combo ordering, utilize data analytics for health assessments, and explore innovative farming techniques to promote sustainable agriculture. This emphasis on innovation contributes to economic growth and positions ANFARM as a leader in the agricultural sector.
  5. Financial Sustainability: While ANFARM engages in social impact activities, we aim for financial sustainability to ensure their long-term viability. By generating revenue from the sale of their food combos and farm visits, as well as through crowdfunding campaigns, ANFARM establishes a solid financial foundation that allows us to continue our mission and expand our impact.

These economic values showcase ANFARM’s commitment to driving economic growth, creating employment opportunities, fostering innovation, and ensuring financial sustainability. By balancing social and economic considerations, ANFARM strives to build a strong and prosperous agricultural ecosystem that benefits individuals, communities, and the overall economy.


During the first six months of 2023, Anfarm achieved a remarkable milestone, generating a total revenue of 1 billion 652 million units of currency. Notably, the company’s stringent cost management practices resulted in a total expenditure of 1 billion 126 million units of currency. This prudent approach to resource allocation has yielded a commendable Return on Investment (ROI) of 46.71%. This exceptional ROI underscores Anfarm’s efficient financial strategies, solidifying its position as a prudent and successful business entity. Such robust financial performance not only exemplifies Anfarm’s dedication to optimal resource utilization but also paves the way for continued growth and prosperity in the future.

Growth rate 

Anfarm proudly presents a selection of three distinct combo options to cater to various preferences and needs. 

  1. The first offering, the Basic Combo, is designed for a family of two adults and two children, with a bi-weekly delivery of 2kg of assorted vegetables and fruits. This monthly allocation of 16kg to 18kg of produce, along with 6kg to 8kg of fruits, encompasses a spectrum of health benefits. Red-colored fruits and vegetables aid in heart health, yellow and orange varieties promote beauty and cancer prevention, green selections aid in detoxification, purple items contribute to longevity and brown and white produce support immunity. Additionally, this combo provides a unique family experience within the Anfarm system.
  2. The Healthy Combo, our second option, is tailored to those prioritizing wellness. With a bi-weekly shipment of 2kg of vegetables (including leafy greens, root vegetables, and fruits), it also includes a set of sprouted seeds for milk-making, a juice set, and a salad set. This comprehensive package, totaling 24kg to 28kg of vegetables and 8kg of fruits per month, mirrors the diverse benefits of the Basic Combo. Moreover, it includes 8 sets each of detox juice (featuring green, red, and orange produce) and salad, as well as 8 sets of sprouted seeds for milk. As with all Anfarm combos, the Healthy Combo encapsulates the essence of the brand’s commitment to a family-centric experience.
  3. For those seeking to enhance their stature, the Height-Boost Combo offers a targeted solution. With bi-weekly deliveries of 2kg of vegetables and 1kg of fruits, along with options for milk, eggs, fermented cereals for breakfast, and nutritious snacks, this combo provides a holistic approach to height enhancement. The monthly provision of 24kg to 28kg of vegetables and 8kg of fruits, coupled with seafood, meat, nuts, and other enriching elements, establishes a comprehensive dietary regimen. As in the other offerings, the Height-Boost Combo includes a diverse array of colorful fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, nuts, and cereals that define Anfarm’s commitment to health and vitality. Each combo ensures an immersive family experience within the Anfarm ecosystem, underscoring our dedication to holistic well-being.


  • Increasing consumption for vegetable 

The project development market, especially in the organic food sector, is currently open and expected to expand. The global market is valued at approximately 227 billion USD, with the Asia Pacific region accounting for around 16.4 billion USD. In Vietnam’s two eastern cities, the accessible market is about 18 million USD. The organic food market is predicted to grow at an average rate of 14% annually from 2021 to 2026 worldwide. 

Besides, the market for agricultural tourism is both attractive and extremely potential for example, Rural and ecological tourism contributes around 10% of tourists, generating about $30 billion USD annually. Additionally, the proportion of rural tourists increases by 10-30% each year

In 2022, the average monthly per capita expenditure was approximately 2.8 million Vietnamese dong, representing a 3.3 % decrease compared to 2020. The consumption of green vegetables increased from 1.7 kg per person per month in 2020 to 1.9 kg per person per month in 2022.

  • Increasing awareness 

AC News had a report pointing out that 86% of Vietnamese consumers preferred organic food for daily meals. Moreover, online research “ organic food” has experienced a significant 30% in growth in 2022. 

  • Increasing access ability 

In Vietnam, women are often the ones who have the habit of shopping in the family, they can access the product through  social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and  eCommerce platforms such as Shopee. Facebook is the biggest social media, according to data from NapoleonCat – a tool to measure social media index, the statistics of Facebook users in Vietnam in 2021 are approximately 76 million people, . This number has increased by more than 31 million compared to 2019 and accounts for about 70% of the country’s population. 





Anfarm is proud to welcome Mr. Ueno Tomio, senior advisor in the field of agriculture and rural development. He has made great contributions and dedications to many projects and fields of cooperation between the two governments of Japan and Vietnam since the 1990s until now. He was also honored to be awarded medals by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Coming to Anfarm, he also promised to connect with Japanese agricultural experts to provide technical guidance as well as introduce Anfarm’s fruit and vegetable products to the Japanese community in Vietnam.

AGRO TRADE FAIR 2021 was held the first time on a digital platform in Vietnam as a program to connect prestigious, qualified suppliers to customers in agriculture. With the goal of connecting on various purposes: purchasing, trading and exporting units, promoting trade to overcome the challenge of the Covid Pandemic. The program is directed and organized by Anfarm Project under Anicon Technology and Services Joint Stock Company, with the coordination of An Nhan Emi, CDI Development and Integration Center, VietFarm, Son’s companion unit. ATE page, Transparency Thuan Nhien and consulting by Da Phuong Law firm are committed to converting QUALITY, EFFECTIVE AND FAST connections!

  • 200 certificated (OCOP production units, farms from various regions 
  • 50 partnerships (farms, supermarkets, multinational companies)
  • Provoke e-commerce trading, production diary, direct commerce.

Connecting Vietnamese agricultural products with markets in the digital economy:

Agribusiness senior advisors’ partner reception event

Anfarm is proud to welcome Mr. Ueno Tomio, senior advisor in the field of agriculture and rural development. He has made great contributions and dedications to many projects and fields of cooperation between the two governments of Japan and Vietnam since the 1990s until now. He was also honored to be awarded medals by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Coming to Anfarm, he also promised to connect with Japanese agricultural experts to provide technical guidance as well as introduce Anfarm’s fruit and vegetable products to the Japanese community in Vietnam.

AGRICULTURE TRAINING – Happy land happy farming

The program aims to realize the idea of starting a business in any industry or field in Vietnam. Helping people who want to start a business in accessing official information from the market, understanding the root of the problem to be solved so as not to fall into “good but not feasible” ideas.

 Especially in the agricultural sector, the program raises core questions about accessibility, digital transformation adoption, support policies and customer sources. At the same time, guide startup projects to find answers on their own and have a complete mindset about project implementation.

“ The Green Farm Talkshow ” aims to share knowledge about the fundamentals of agriculture and the opportunities that a modern agricultural system with high-quality standards can offer. We believe that a strong foundation in agricultural practices is essential for sustainable growth and

addressing the challenges faced by the industry. Through this platform, we delve into the latest advancements in farming techniques, technological innovations, and efficient resource management. 


The Farming Program

The program extends its support to farmers actively engaged in enhancing the agricultural system and sharing agricultural knowledge. We recognize the significance of collaboration and networking within the agricultural industry. Hence, we actively facilitate the connection of farmers to a network of agricultural nurseries, fostering a platform for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and best practices. Through this network, farmers gain access to valuable resources, guidance, and mentorship, enabling them to improve their farming methods, enhance productivity, and optimize the quality of their agricultural produce. Our aim is to empower farmers, promote knowledge sharing, and strengthen the overall agricultural community, fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for all.


“ Business start-up training program we connect with other start-up zone partners to widen the chance and opportunity of the project success. Moreover, we learn about how business corporation executing and running in the incubation period.







Round 1 : Video Proof File:

Round 2 :  Evidence Anfarm Round 2

We have a summary of references on which our video is based. We hope to give a trustworthy video reflecting the realistic situations and our practical solutions.


Chương trình Crowd Funding : Anfarm Crowd Funding Campaign


BackerQuantityType of crowdfundingType of contributionsValue of contributionsBacker’s interestAnfarm’s offerDelivery of contributionsService company
( Housing1st)VND 50.000.000ProducerVND 20.000.000Logistics company
( AloTruck)VND 25.000.000Media
( Cộng Đòng Nhà Đẹp )VND 30.000.000                    Mentor
Eliana Hotz – Extension Coordinator – Human Nutrition, Government of ManitobaHoang Minh Chau –  Agricultural advisor 20 years of experience

Nushimura Yoshihiko – Agricultural advisor 50 years of experienceVND 18.000.000Donor/CommunityVND 7.000.000  Non-profit organization
( Việt Farm )VND 10.000.000 TOTALVND 160.000.000

1 Reward-based Support in building farms Increase brand awareness, income/contract Contract Discount
40 Reward-based Support in production Increase brand awareness and have access to a larger output market, income/contract Opportunities for brand awareness and sales; a large network of partner farms; free training in technilogy and sustainable farming Discount
3 Reward-based Provide discount for the first 6 months Income/contract Contract Discount
2 Donation Provide marketing support, including promoting workshops on media sites Content and network Content and network Marketing support
4 Donation Provide guidance and advice, connect ANFARM with training and financial opportunities Opportunities to strengthen skills in leadership and teaching Opportunities to strengthen skills in leadership and teaching Mentorship and network
70 Reward-based Buy food combo (generate income) Clean and healthy foods, support to an impactful social business, and prizes Clean and healthy ANFARM food combos Donation
Donation Buy lucky tickets (generate donation) A wide range of valubale prizes (i.e., free training, vouchers, farm visit package, etc.)
1 Donation Provide agricultural experts and provide farming equipments Support projects that bring value to Vietnamese agriculture Brand awareness; networking opportunities Expertise and equipments