Caress-A comprehensive parenting guide to developing empathic parents-children relationships for a happy family.

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Caress primary research (Quantitative and Qualitative):

Social Issues

Caress most wants to focus on is a healthy lifestyle and behavior in the home environment to reduce bad outcomes (such as violence, leading to injury or intent suicide) from dysfunctionality. A question raised here is Why is the gap between children and parents increasing as children get older? Parents and children still do not have a clear answer, but also more contradictions in this problem. A real situation in Vietnam shows that:

– Up to 68.4% of children aged 1-14 have experienced violence

– 54.7% of students feel pressure because their parents expect too much of them

– About 8% of adolescents have attempted suicide to abuse

– Violence is often hidden, with 90.4% of people experiencing violence not seeking help from the authorities and never telling anyone about their abuse.

The statistics speak for themselves and expose the true nature of Vietnam’s issues, igniting Caress’ desire to concentrate on parents and create a happy family in Viet Nam.

In addition, the unofficial courses about parenting knowledge rapidly increase in Viet Nam. It is uncomplicated to find a program for parents on the internet, but they are not verified or not working for a long-time.

Our  intended solutions

We create comprehensive conferences sharing series with many topics related to needful family problems. In each series, we will have various meaningful propositions to deliver, which directly impact concentrated family issues at the moment. The speakers are professionals in psychology or they succeed in their family stories.  In each episode, the official speakers will share and discuss with all parents or children the topic of that episode, including academic and experiential knowledge. Nonetheless, the attendees can still raise their voices to tell and discuss.

Plus, we are going to design a journal with innovative parenting style guidelines. It includes encouraging sentences, accessible and useful knowledge topics, and to-do checklists in an inventive way. Parents can utilize it by combining it with our programs or just practice it in the normal way as using other journals.

Furthermore, we will work with the specialist in psychology to create a quick questionare about the statement of the relationship between parents and their children. It will be a huge impact on the parents perception about the truth and characteristics of their family relationship.

In addition, we still enhance pressing information and knowledge through our official social media account. Family members will be effortless to access to read or contact us. This is because the value the project gives is not just counted on money, it needs to be polled on the number of happy families in Viet Nam.