Project description

Socio-emotional ludic tools for parents and children from 2 to 12 years old.

Social challenge:

“37 children suffer physical violence every day. In the particular case of girls and adolescents, there is also gender-based violence, who are more vulnerable to emotional abuse”(Save the Children, 2022). In many cases it is due to the lack of emotional intelligence of parents who find themselves with few tools to manage their emotions and those of their children. This leads to poor parenting, attachment problems, mistrust and lack of communication. Cumulatively, disengagement with parents leads children to turn to other authority figures, who are not entirely trustworthy and therefore abuse them. 

In addition, children grow up with a lack of regulation, understanding and emotional knowledge of their own emotions, and therefore how these affect decision making, and the formation of emotional bonds.

Solution idea:

Did you know that 80% of success in a person’s life depends on emotional intelligence?

That is why I have created the box of emotions: a playful tool for parents and children to develop socioemotional skills, such as personal knowledge, assertive communication, self-confidence, decision making, identification and naming of emotions, empathy, active listening, among others. In a playful way it strengthens the family unit and gives parents confidence in the way they are educating their children. At the same time, they learn to self-regulate, reduce stress and establish better relationships. 

The kit consists of a monthly box but can be used repeatedly according to the need or desire of the family, as they are games.