Feedback to improve Social Business Creation competition


Thank you for agreeing to help SBC become a more impactful community and enhance participants’ learning experience. Your ideas are crucial for SBC development and we will make sure to incorporate your comments in the organization of our next editions.

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Note about the survey:

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  2. You can skip any question
  3. You can go back-and-forth to edit your response to any question.

Note about Social Business Creation:

Social Business Creation competition (SBC) is an innovative pedagogical platform on which your students learn to create social businesses. Besides the rich learning experience, students will get the chance to win several prizes in cash and services besides scholarships to participate in the SBC program. SBC mission is to:

  1. Change the mindset of students towards the norm that “profitability and positive social impacts should go hand-in-hand and thus social business is the way to do business”;
  2. Propagate the concept of social business and make students become ambassadors for its promotion;
  3. Enable and teach students to become better entrepreneurs with a sense of higher purpose and use their knowledge for the sake of social contributions via their business activities;
  4. Enable students to be successful in their entrepreneurial development.